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By Christine EW

Christine Edhie Wahidin

on 19 June 2012

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Transcript of Oil

The answer I found was because, the country has plenty of oil to sell. Due to selling oil to the world wide, that country became enormously rich, but why is oil so valuable, why does United Arab Emirates have so much of it? Those questions I've been wiling to answer for so long, have now been answered.
I chose this fantastic country, United Arab Emirates. It's a marvelous country with amazing wonders, a bit too many wonders I suppose, that's what made me begin researching for the question "Why is this country so rich?
Scientists believe that oil existed more than 600 millions years ago and they also know that oil is made out of fossil fuel, but they do NOT agree that fossil fuel came from mostly dinosaurs. There weren't even enough dinosaurs to cover how much oil we extract from the ground, so where do they come from? Well, they came from small organisms called plankton. Plankton lives near the shallow parts of the ocean or lake, When they die they sink into the bottom of the ocean, there they gt buried by mud, soil, sand and other stuff. Over about a million years later the organic compound (the name of what plankton are made of) are transformed into Hydrocarbon, which is what we call "oil"
Interesting Facts
WE can talk about the history oil for the whole day, but as you can see we can't so we're just going to talk about the extremely main points.
The History
The Future
347A.D.-The Chinese drilled an oil well using bamboo poles
200 AD
1858- First oil well in North America
1801- First coal powered steam engine
What oil can cause
It all started with an assignment from my old old school, The Lakes College. The assignment was to do a travel tour around a country of your own choice.
Crude oil can cause dreadful disasters, one of the greatest may possibly be oil spills.
What can an oil spill cause?
Crude oil is dangerous for one main thing, it's poisonous. If you get crude oil into your body, you get poisoned and die. When there is an oil spill, marine life can be harmfully affected, fishes can be suffocated and their surrounding environment, where fish lay eggs and young fish grow up, may be destroyed as well. Oil spills can also be unsafe for birds that swims in the sea, because their feathers get covered with oil which makes them unable to move normally, and because it's uncomfortable, they would try to remove it using their beaks, and during to progress, they would've eaten some of the oil and get poisoned. Blinding animals is also common, when animals have oil in their eyes they won't be aware of the other animals around them and be eaten.
But how does oil spills happen?
Oil Spills can be often caused by carelessness and silly mistakes, such as when the tanker is stuck in shallow waters, but people do not really realise and as they try to drive it again, rocks would puncture a hole in the tanker and start an oil spill.
There are however other ways that an oil spills could happen, some of them are done on purpose, such as when a country is at war, they might decide to dump galleons of oil into there opponents ocean so they may not be able to fight from underwater.
Terrorists may cause an oil spill on purpose as well, to draw attention to themselves.
There are also some illegal dumpers, who dump crude oil into the ocean because they do not want to spend any money on decomposing the oil.
Sometimes, however, natural disasters could be the cause of an oil spill, such as a hurricanes a couple of miles away can turn over an oil tanker, pouring oil out into the sea.
It all started with an assignment from my old old school, The Lakes College. The assignment was to do a travel tour around a country of your own choice.
1861- First oil well in Carlifornia
1875- First commercial oil field in Carlifornia
1885- Oil burners on steam engines
1807- Streets of London powered by crude oil
1857- Development of kerosene lamps
1862- De Rochas of France patented the four stroke engine
1863- J.D Rockefeller founded oil refining company in Cleveland
1879- Thomas Edison invents the electric light bulb
1895- Invention of combustion engine
1896- Henry Ford's first motor car
1903- Wright Brothers first flight
1903- Ford motor company founded
Types of OIl
Sunflower oil
Olive Oil
Coconut oil
Palm Oil
Hair Oil
Oil Paint
Fish Oil
Oil Pastle
Face Cream Oil
Lotion Oil
Nail Oil
There are many ways of thinking about what might happen to crude oil in the future. Some would say that the planet would completely run out of oil in 2050 or sometime sooner. "One day we will run out of oil, it is not today or tomorrow, but one day we will run out of oil and we have to leave oil before oil leaves us, and we have to prepare ourselves for that day," Dr Birol said.Others, however might think the contrary, and suggest that the more crude oil we use, the more we would find using new technology.The Shell Oil report forecasts that the global supply of oil will continue to rise but that the rise in supply will not be fast enough to keep up with the rise in demand. According to Shell, this is going to cause rapidly rising oil prices which will cause the gross domestic products of all nations to fall.

If it is like that we won't have to be worried at all, but scientists still can't be sure which way the future might turn out yet, so we still have to be prepared if it turns out the bad way.
will happen to us if we run out of oil
Crude oil is an important resource of our lives today. We use it for car transport, bus transport, plane transport and most of all the other transports. Sometimes we even use it as electricity, for light bulbs, computer, heater, electric devices, factory uses and all the other things that you might need electricity for. Oil is also sometimes handy for camping because it can be a hand free fuel.
For nowadays standard, the world uses up at least 85 millions of barrels of oil a day, in other words 3 570 000 000 galleons of oil a day.
Tired of walking
No more candles for birthdays or christmas
NO more planes
Back to horses and cart for transporting food
Back to sail ships for oversea transport
No more rockets for discovering
The Nigara Falls has a flow of 150 000 galleons per second, so by terrible means, the amount of oil the world uses per day is equivelent to the amount of water tht goes down the Nigara Falls every 6 and a half hours
The country which uses most oil
1.US – 19.15 million barrels
2.China – 9.06 million barrels
3.Japan – 4.45 million barrels
4.India – 3.32 million barrels
5.Russia – 3.2 million barrels
6.Saudi Arabia – 2.81 million barrels
7.Brazil – 2.6 million barrels
8.Germany – 2.44 million barrels
9.South Korea – 2.38 million barrels
10.Canada – 2.28 million barrels
Country with most oil in stock
Verezuela-297 570 000 000
Saudi Arabia-264 600 000 000
Canada-255 200 000 000
Iran-150 600 000 000
Iraq- 143 500 000 000
Kuwait- 104 000 000 000
United Arab Emirates- 97 800 000 000
Russia- 74 200 000 000
Libya- 47 000 000 000
Nigeria- 37 200 000 000
No roads to drive on, let alone cars
No more beautiful oil litted lanterns
Some factories that is run by oil, has to be renovated
1914~1918- WW1, oil was needed for tanks, ships and planes
1929-Start of the Great Depression, effected the industry of oil
WW2-Cutting off the oil supply in Japan, weakened the country for the last part of the war
1938- Oil discovered in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
1979- Nuclear Power Plant accident at 30 mile beach
1979- Gulf of Mexico, largest oil spill
1979~1981- The price of oil went up from $13.00 to $34.00
1986-Oil prices collapses
1986- Nuclear Power Plant accident in Chernobyl
1986~1987- Tanker War, between Iran and Iraq. Destroying oil tankers in Persian Gulf
1991- Soviet Union collapse
2005- Iran and Iraq signed a cooperative oil trading agreement
1995- UN allowed Iraq to export oil as an "oil for food" deal
How much oil does Australia use each year
Australia is the 18th country in the list of most oil used in one day, using up to approximately about 946 300bbl a day, which is about 150449677 liters
How much Oil Australia has in Stock
Australia is the 29th country in the world with the most oil reserves, which is about 3 318 000 000 bbl
What to do after an oil spill
How to clean up an oil spill?
There are three very main methods to clear up an oil spill and of coarse the result for each oil spill would be different from each others result. Usually, when there is an oil spill, it would be best to leave it as it is and wait for it to calm down and set a form of shape. Once the oil has naturally formed it's shape, next would be best to contain the spill within booms. Booms are something that works like a floating barrier which keeps the oil (oil is lighter than water so it floats on top of water) rounded inside. After that, dispersant would be added in to the oil, to break the oil up into tiny droplets or decay into small bacteria. Once the oil is smaller, it would be easier for it to wither and sink back into the sea or get washed safely to a nearby shore.
How to help the animals caught in an oil spill?
Professionals usually do the caring and there are 7 main parts that they have to do with the animals before they let them back out into the wild. Firstly, of coarse they look for animals that are still alive from oil spills and are looking not too comfortable, then they inspect them, finding out what is the main problem for the creature. Next the animal gets warmed, fed and hydrated for at least 48 hours before they take baths in tubs that is filled with a variation of cleaning soap and warm soft water. After this method, they are placed in an outdoor housing, to see if they are really finally fit enough to go back to the wild, this step could take about from 3 days to several months. When they are really ready, they get another inspection and if they passes, then they receive a band or tag on their legs and off they go again, into the wild. The last step is to check up on how the animal is going every now and again and hope life is going well for them.
Why Did I choose this strange subject?
How Oil Forms
Why do we rely on crude oil so much?
Most mainly, we rely on crude oil for transportation because without transportation, life is going to be lot more complicated and tougher. We have coal, yes that's true but how are we going to dig them up without fuel to start up our digging trucks, or even if we did dig up some somehow, how are we going to transport them to other countries and states, use your legs? Good Luck!
What about food? There aren't any transportation to carry our food to the shopping centers, so I think we would have to grow our own.
These are also some of the things that also rely on oil, wonder how we're going to get through without having them!
nylon zippers
ballet tights
plastic hangers
permanent press clothing
flip flops/thongs
fake fur
polyester clothing
ball point pens
magic markers
computer diskettes
knitting needles
tennis racquets
golf balls
baby aspirin
Teflon pans
nylon spatulas
wax paper
freezer bags
egg cartons
trash bags
denture adhesives
hair spray
cough syrup
hair coloring
rubbing alcohol
band aids
stuffed animals
watch bands
credit cards
video cassettes
shopping bags
flea collars
dog toys
spray paint
check book covers
floor wax
garden hoses
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