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Mrs. Packletide's Tiger

No description

gab mc

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Mrs. Packletide's Tiger

Mrs. Packletide's Tiger
- at the possibility of making Loona jealous for killing the tiger
shown by her extravagant and thought-out plans of exactly how she'll rub it in Loona's face (giving her a tiger claw brooch, planning a party and inviting her, etc)
-also excitement of the village at the possibility of getting 1000 ruppees
the villagers fed the old tiger goats so that the animal would not over exert itself trying to hunt. They also kept their children quiet so that he would stay asleep

-while they're sitting in a tree waiting for the tiger to arrive
-not sure what Mrs. Packletide will do now that she realizes she didn't shoot the tiger, but the goat nearby

Sense of pride:
-Mrs. Packletide's pride towards owning the tiger skin
-Finally succeeding in making Loona Bimberton jealous of her fame

Sense of worry:
-that Mrs. Mebbin will expose her secret of not having actually shot the tiger to Loona Bimberton
shown by how much money shes willing to give up to keep her secret hidden
This story begins near a small town in India. When Mrs. Packletide goes to kill the tiger it is in a dark jungle on "a moonlit and cloudless night." The story concludes with Mrs. Packletide back in her home country, England. We know she lives in England since they mention her house on 'Curzon Street' which turns out to be in England. I infer that since the media glorifies the killing of large animals and glamourizes sporting the tiger's fur, which is frowned upon in current society, that the story takes place during some time in the past where furs were in style and popular in society believing to signify wealth, power and social class.
Mrs. Packletide (Protagonist)
Person vs Person: Mrs. Packletide vs Mrs Mebbin
In this humorous short story, the author was able to show the continuous circle that jealousy and greed can lead people to. The main characters Mrs. Packletide and Miss Mebbin are perfect representations of jealousy and greed. This story accurately contrasts wealthy western culture and third would culture. With the indian village completely satisfied from the death of a cruel tiger, and Mrs. Packletide unsatisfied even with her fame; The author demonstrated the foolish path that greed, fame, and jealousy offer.
"In a world that is supposed to be chiefly swayed by hunger and by love, Mrs. Packletide was an exception; her movements and motives were largely governed by dislike of Loona Bimberton."
A wealthy woman who yearns to be famous. Her goals and motives are strung by jealousy of her recently famous enemy, Loona Bimberton. Even though Mrs. Packletide has everything she needs, she is dissatisfied and seeks satisfaction through fame and press.
Miss Mebbin (Antagonist)
"Louisa Mebbin adopted a protective elder-sister attitude towards money in general, irrespective of nationality or denomination."
Ms. Mebbin may be praised for giving karma to the foolish Mrs. Packletide but she herself is a very good example of mischief and greed. Mrs. Packletide may be controlled by the need for fame, but Miss. Mebbin is controlled by the selfish need of money.
Mrs. Packletide is a high class wealthy woman from London. Her enemy Loona Bimberton recently receives praise and fame for hunting an algerian tiger. Overcome by jealousy, Mrs. Packletide decides to make the most of her trip to India by hunting a tiger as well. A neighbouring village conveniently needs to get rid of a tiger that continuously attacks their domesticated animals. She offers 1000 ruppees to the village if they let her hunt their local, feared tiger in return. When they agree, Mrs. Packletide and her paid assistant miss. Mebbin leave a villages goat out to lure in the tiger. When he arrives during the night, Miss. Mebbin identifies the tiger as old and ill. Mrs. Packletide fired her rifle just as he gets ready to attack. Later, Miss. Mebbin discovers that the goat was shot and the tiger actually died of a heart attack. Annoyed by the news, Mrs. Packletide still carries on recieving praise and fame from the village and the press. Miss. Mebbin threatens to let Mrs. Packletide's secret out unless given money to buy her dream cottage. Mrs. Packletide immediately ends her hunting career. Her reason being high expenses.
Person vs Person: Mrs. Packletide vs Loona Bimberton
By Miriam and Gabby
Question #1
What is the name of Mrs. Packletide's paid assistant?
Question #2
In what country did Loona Bimberton shoot a tiger?
Question #3
Name three characteristics of Mrs. Packletide.
Question #4
In what continent are tigers mostly found?
Question #5
In which trophic level would a goat and a tiger be found? ( 1-4, smallest being 4)
Question #6
This word is found from the short story what is the correct synonym?
Question #7
What age range is the elderly age of a tiger?
Mrs. Mebbin is blackmailing Mrs. Packletide because she knows the secret that Mrs. Packletide didn't actually shoot the tiger.
Mrs. Packletide strongly dislikes Loona Bimberton and goes on this whole mission to outshine her.
Selfish Pride/Using Others ~
preying on
those beneath you in order to promote yourself
Mrs. Mebbin
Hidden truths ~
negative symbol of how far people wil go to hide the truth.
Controlled ~
symbol of how money can take control of a person
To what length would you go to gain fame and fortune?
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