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Join Our Team

No description

Sarah Carter

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of Join Our Team

Join Our Team
“The Chestnut Park affiliation with Christies International Real Estate has been a game changer for me! It affords me a tremendous opportunity to showcase my properties and my personal brand to the world. My reach is now on a global level, and has paid tremendous dividends to my business and to the international stature of the firm. Chestnut Park is always at the forefront in ways to develop market opportunities to make their agents even more successful!”

25 years of success in central Toronto and we have just arrived in Port Credit.
“As a team, there is no other firm in the GTA that we would consider working with. The expertise of the management is unsurpassed, providing clear legal guidance, keeping us abreast with market trends and informed with regard to ever changing industry standards. Chestnut Park's affiliation with Christie's provides us with international exposure for our clients and closer to home; our regional offices allow us to take care of our clients' city and vacation residence needs. With Janice as one of the firm's founding agents, it is where she has chosen to build our team into an established presence in Toronto real estate. Quite simply, in trying to always do the best for our clients, it is important for us to work with the best - Chestnut Park!”

Be Associated With Excellence.
Chestnut Park Only Hires The Best
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