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Question Tags

No description

Matthias Freytag

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Question Tags

Tag questions You like virtual grammar lessons, don't you? Listen to the following dialogue: Meaning and intonation of tag questions: Real questions (I'm not sure of the answer) - rising intonation Meaning and intonation of tag questions: Checking (I think I know the answer) - falling intonation How do we build questions tags? Question tags have two parts:

When there is no 'helping word' in the statement, we use do/does/did. First part: helping word Negative questions have a negative verb + positive tag

Positive questions have a positive verb + negative tag. You like chips, don't you? You don't like chips, do you? Second part: pronoun You use the pronoun that corresponds to the subject of the sentence. She likes chips, doesn't she? You don't like chips, do you? They like chips, don't they? helping word pronoun (e.g. do, have, can) (I, you, he, we) +
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