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No description

mark birchwall

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Mountain

How the island
was created
There was a country it divergent and there was a piece of the country and it tore off and it became Totoro Island. Totoro Island is now between the
Eurasian plate
The 4 Landforms On Totoro Island
Totoro Island
A beautiful sandy Beach,
A medium sized Hill,
A beautiful tall plateau
And a mystical forest.

Longitude: 126.626701
The Latitude and Longitude
Latitude: 25.770214
Island Totoros rocks
The obsidian is found under the Big mountain,
Marble is Found on the main land and
Sand Stone on the beach,
In Totoro Island we Rock hounds that find precious rocks to make our land happier and beautiful.

we pay our rockhounds a good amount of $. It's the best job to get.
The Creatures
In Totoro island we have beautiful mystical animals that walk around freely.
Made by:Ansh,Ayana, Kelly, Luc And Mark
It also know to own mysterious things in the island
at the ? river
totoro river
The myth
Fish and wildlife
There once was a little girl her father was a leader of a tribe and her mother was gone they called her she who was alone. Her mother made her a doll with lots of different colors and colorful bird feathers. One day there was no rain for a long time the leader of the tribe said that we had to sacrifice something but none wanted to give there stuff. At the night she who was alone woke up and went to the top of a hill and made a fire then burned her doll so the next day there was rain and she who was alone was called the on who loved her people.
? river
The koi , also known as Nishikigoi or brokaatkarper , is the national fish of Japan . 'Nishiki' is the Japanese word for 'colored robe' a great popularity in ornamental ponds .
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