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Cells so far...

No description

Neil Casey

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Cells so far...

Can you name the 6 Characteristics of Living Things...?
Can you label the main parts? Check out D2L for a cool interactive tutorial...
Cell Theory
What were the three main parts of the Cell Theory...?
Characteristics of Living Things
Can you label the parts of the plant cell diagram?
Could you explain the function of these parts?
Differences between plant and animal cells?
Could you label the parts of an animal cell?
Could you explain the function of each part?
Remember the cow?? What experiment did we do to show diffusion?
What are the three different types of permeability?
Could you give examples of each?
Main topics to review...
Plant vs Animal Cells
Cells so far...
Think of the celery...
Think of our Egg-cell-ent experiment...
Could you describe the processes?
Expert Groups...
Working in table groups of 4, each person take a question and spend 5 mins becoming the expert.

Each person will then share their answer and ask questions if required.

This is a great study technique and will help you retain details.
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