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Frozen: Archetypes

No description

Jake Jeong

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Frozen: Archetypes

The allies: Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. join the hero as the thought the journey and help Anna defeat her challenge.
Kristoff plays the role of the hero in this movie. He shows Anna the right way thought the "new world."
Frozen takes place in a Scandinavian castle. Anna is the princess of the place.
Battle between Good vs Evil
In the movie Frozen the hero seems to be Elsa (sister of Anna) but in the middle of the movie there is a twist and the true evil is Prince Hans who is defeated in the end of the movie.
After Elsa reveals her snow powers she is unwelcome in her own kingdom.
Evil Figure with the Good Heart
Elsa is a false villain, she is not able to love and by the end the hero saves her giving Elsa the power to love.
Damsel in Distress
Elsa is a character who cannot love and shuts everyone out. Anna (the heroine) goes on a journey to save her sister and rescues her.
Unhealable Wound
Elsa has magical ice powers and everything she touches turns to ice. This causes suffering because she cant get rid of her weapon to hurt.
When Elsa has a change at heart and she learns to use her ice powers for beauty and joy, that's when the audience can see her as a character of life not destruction.
Anna is the heroine in the movie Frozen. She must leave the "old world" and conquer the challenge in the "new world."
By: Kevin, Eun, Ethan, Nikita
Hero's Journey Steps (Summary)
Call to Adventure: The hero (Anna) decides to go on a journey to save her sister, and on her way she meets up with her mentor (Kristoff) and he guides her through the icy mountains in order to rescue Anna's sister (Elsa).
Hero's Journey Steps Continued
Crossing the Threshold: The hero and her allies had to go through icy mountains and snow in order to reach the hero's sister's castle.

Road of Trials
1)Anna made the choice to go find Elsa and leave Prince Hans in charge.
2)Anna made her decision in getting married with Prince Hans.
3)Anna had to get by an ice monster in order to reach Elsa's castle.
Hero's Journey Steps Continued
Meeting with the Goddess: After completing her challenge, Anna has Elsa's love.
Crossing the Return Threshold: Anna's mentor (Kristoff) takes her back to the castle where she can recover from an injury.
Master of Two Worlds: Anna later realizes that true love concurs all but it is the love from her sister that saved her and not from a prince.
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