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Chemical Reactions

No description

Kelle Huerta

on 22 January 2012

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Transcript of Chemical Reactions

Decomposition It takes place when a compound breaks down into the elements or simpler compounds. Single Replacement This takes place when a compound is replaced by an element. The element being replaced must have less reactivity. Double Replacement Takes place when two ions are exchanged by compounds AX + BY AY + BX A+BX AX+B AB A + B Chemical Reactions : The rearrangement of the atoms of one or more substances creates different substances. 2NaOH + CaBr Reactant Product 2 Subscript Yield

Releasing of energy as heat or light when a substance reacts with oxygen Combustion Reactant 2H (g) + O (g) 2 2 2H O(g) 2 + Synthesis The creation of a single product by the teacion of two or more substances A + B AB 2Na(s) + Cl (g) 2NaCl (s) + Ca(OH) 2 + 2NaBr Coefficient Yield Chemical Equation = = 2 2Li(s)+2H O(l) 2LiOH(aq)+H (g) 2 2 Evidence of Chemical Reactions:
Temperature Change Occurs (release or absorption of heat)
Heat or light produced
Color Change
Precipitate formed
Gases (bubbles) or odors given off

Reactions Precipitation Reactions:
In a precipitaion reaction, soluble ions from different substances mix together forming an insoluble compound.This compound settles as a solid forming a precipitate. OxidationReduction Reactions:
This type of reaction occurs when electrons are transferred from one substance (oxidized) to another substance (reducing agent).
Ex:2k+ Br2 2KBr Acid-Base Reactions
Bases turn litmus paper blue
Acids turn litmus paper red
An acid-base reaction is a chemical reaction in which hydrogen ion(s) are exchanged.The compound receiving the hydrogen ion is a base and the donator is an acid.
This type of reaction produces water and salt. Source:
Dingrando, Laurel. Chemistry Matter and Change. New York: Glencoe McGRaw-Hill, 2002. 594-601/617-618/ 634-639 . Print
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