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No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of david

usb stick
By David Gerreyn
Explainevery thing
power piont
I can show my maths strategy on Explainevery thing.
I can used power piont to make a story and put images .
I can see my teacher and talk to her to discuss my work.

Digital Technology
I can upload images and slides.
OLA is closed!
I can come bake bake a other time.
I can also talk to my friends in different country's.
I can use a usb stick to put my video about rocks incace my teacher dose not get it.

I can put images on the usb stick.
I can put images and record it about rocks.
I can make any kinds of videos.
Slide show
I can use images about rocks and make a slide show.
I can make a slide show about any thing
I can massage my
slide show to my teacher.
I can message images to
The start of software
The end of software
I can use laptop to use software devise on laptop.
I can take it to different
I can look up web sites
You can play games on ipad.
Desk top
Desk top has two conected meterials to make it work a mouse and a keybourd
I can tip on desktop and screen shot a image.
I can click on a program or scroll down.
I can take photos and recard.

It is conected to a laptop and shows it much bigger.
You can project videoson the wall.
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