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ICT Laboratory Rules and Regulations

No description

Roselle David

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of ICT Laboratory Rules and Regulations

1. Observe silence.

2. Observe discipline.

3. Follow hands-on schedule.

4. For queries consult the computer administrator.

5. Shutdown the computer properly using the start button.

6. Apply soft pressure on your keyboard keys.

7. Practice touch-system typing

8. Conserve energy.

1. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the lab.

2. Don't disturb others by moving from one work station to another.

3. Refrain from changing the computer settings.

4. Computer games are not allowed.

5. Don't install any software without permission from the administrator.

6. No loitering and littering.

7. No smoking.
9. Ask permission from the administrator before using the computers and other facilities in the lab.

10. Save your work when necessary.

11. Keep the computer lab clean.

12. Report untoward incidents

13.Return chairs in proper place.

14. Perform only assigned tasks.

15. Cancel right away operation if the saving device is virus infected.
ICT Laboratory Rules and Regulations
8. Vandalism is strictly prohibited.

9. Don't make any changes on other users files.

10. Loud speakers are not allowed.

11. Don't leave the door open.

12. Don't personalized the PC by creating a user password.

13. Don't set a password protected screen saver.

14. Don't trouble shoot the machines without proper authority.
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