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Old Yeller

No description

Brendaliz Cruz

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Old Yeller

Main Character
The plot of Old Yeller is Travis dad has to leave the house to go to Kansas and Travis has to take care of the family and do his dads old jobs and then one day old yeller comes into the farm and Travis hates old yeller admittedly but old yeller helps protect the family and one day saves Travis and his family from a rabid wolf, but by doing that old yeller gets infected with rabies and Travis has to shoot old yeller and then his dad comes home.
Travis is a 14 year old boy who becomes the man of the house when his dad has to leave.Travis is responsible and he also has to look after his five-year-old brother Arliss.
Little Arliss
Little Arliss is 5 years old and he is Travis little brother he also is adventurous and he loves old yeller since the beginning.
Old Yeller
Old Yeller, is a dog who arrives in the farm unexceptionably and saves travis family from alot of stuff .
The External Conflict is Man Vs. Nature because alot of things that happen to Travis and old yeller have to do with animals.
The internal conflict was a disease that old yeller gets and is was called hydrophobia.
Rising Action
The rising action of old yeller is when Burn Sanderson tells Travis that theirs a disease going around named hydrophobia and he wants Travis to make sure that old yeller doesn't get it.
The resolution to the conflict is that travis had to shoot old yeller.
The climax in Old Yeller is when old yeller was fighting the wolf who had hydrophobia and he got bit and then Travis had to decide whether to shoot and kill old yeller without knowing it had hydrophobia or to wait and see if it did.
Favorite Character
Out of all the characters my favorite character is Travis because even tho at first he hated old yeller he in the middle started to love old yeller because he saw that old yeller was a great dog and he cared for the family also because he was so determined to take care of his dads job when his dad left.
The theme of old yeller is Maturity & Responsibility.
Travis has to take care of the family and do his dads jobs when his dad leaves and also at first doesn't love old yeller but then throe out the book he starts to like old yeller.
The End
My favorite part was when Old yeller saved Arliss from the bear because that made Travis realise that old yeller wasn't that bad of a dog and that he cared about them.
The Plot
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