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Sasha Rogers

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of SOLAR ENERGY

choice for you

Pros for wind energy ...
Wind turbines work because the wind makes the blades spin and turns a shaft which is connected to a generator and makes electricity.
In conclusion, we think that solar energy is the best option. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is also a great financial investment.

We hope that you will switch to solar energy.
Solar panels work by collecting the sun's light and energy through the panels and transforming it into energy for your home!

-if installed wrong solar panels can damage your property.
-The amount of electricity generated changes due to the amount of sun.
-In the winter you would have to shovel off the snow covering the panels.
Why solar energy?
Solar energy is...
Cost efficient
Power Generating
In Toronto a solar array (18 panels) produces an average of 10.5 kw/h each day! Solar panels provide enough power for your whole household.
Even on a cloudy day your solar panels will still generate some energy.

Good for the environment
The cost of using solar energy is 12-30 cent per kw/h
Wind power
The cons...
Solar power is a much better option than wind power, here's why...
It's expensive!
How does it work?
Instead of spending approx. $1500 on your regular electricity, if you switch to solar you can save up to 80%!
Wind power cost $1.34 per watt when solar only costs 72 cents! Also you can't put a 300 ft tall wind turbine in your backyard so you would also have to pay for land to put your turbines on.

Just for a <1 kw wind turbine, it costs 4000- 9000$ .

The wind industry is an industry Ontario doesn't need and can't afford. We shouldn't waste our money!

The cost of wind power will add $110,000,000,000.00 to Ontario's electrical bills, meaning over 20 years, your household will pay an extra
40 000
Solar energy has an endless supply thanks to the reliable and renewable sun! Solar panels do not cause damage to nature unlike other energies.
Also since solar energy is provided by the sun, you won't be wasting precious and limited oil.
They are harmful to nature!
Wind turbines affect the nature and eco systems around them greatly. They kill 214 000- 368 000 birds annually, kill 600 000- 900 000 bats annually, and because of the vibrations in the ground, cause worms to vanish, chickens won't lay eggs and goats and cattle die! Eventually all these deaths of animals are going to start affecting people, so building more wind turbines isn't the answer!
Image: Andrzej Krauze
It's unpredictable!
In Ontario wind energy is only available 20-30% of the time, so I hope you like sitting in the dark.
- Does not burn fossil fuels .
- Remote areas can use wind turbines to produce their own supply of electricity
- When there is wind, wind turbines generate more power than solar panels.

Wind turbines are huge! Wind turbines are over 300 ft tall. They have very annoying shadows, and they are super loud for anyone living in the neighborhood!
"I'd put my money on the sun
and solar energy."
~Thomas Edison
Our commercial
More about money...

You'll be making money when it's sunny! Your income and ROI change depending on the size of the panel. If you have a 10 kilo watt solar panel, you will earn approx. 7% ROI on only your first year. Remember that this is just for each 10 kwh panel, and this will grow each year in the panels life span. (25-30 years)

Did you know you can buy 64 solar panels for the price of 1 wind turbine?

As of 2013, Hawaii is the state that has the most IRR (24%).
IRR is your return rate on how much money you spend.

For example, because Hawaii has 24% IRR, a $31,000 solar panel would generate an average of approx. 7,440$ each year for the approx. life span (25 years). That means it would only take you 4.5 years to pay it off. So you have 20 more years of money!

Why is solar
energy important ...
- A renewable source
- Eco friendly
- Pollution free
Wind power I.R.R.

If you have a 12 cents kw rate for your wind turbine, A six m/s wind speed and pay 100,000 it will be approximatly 5 years until you get back the money.
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