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Cultural Differences Upper Primary

A Different Day

A Different Day

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Cultural Differences Upper Primary

References http://childrens-books.lovetoknow.com/Immigration_Books_for_Kids http://www.ensinobilingue.com.br/2011/09/emocoes-na-bagagem-dos-alunos.html http://www.education.com/reference/article/bullying-factoring-race-ethnicity-immigration/
http://childparenting.about.com/od/socialdevelopment/a/teachdiversity.htm Activity 2 http://camsden.co.uk/stories/new-country I've got to move home
Abdul's Story http://www.education.com/slideshow/around
-the-world-activities/ Books Grandfather's Journey How I celebrate:A Young Person's Guide to Celebrations of the World Kids around the World Celebrate!: The Best Feasts and Festivals from Many Lands Art & Craft:
Make something special from your own country then give it as a present to a friend. Find some ideas on the link provided. (Available at the Library): A World of Festival. Family Festivals by Jean Cappendale What I Believe. A Young person's guide to the Religions of the World by Alan Brown & Andrew Lan Gley Other books: Upper Primary Cultural Differences What festivals do you celebrate
with your family? A Different Day Moving abroad Religions and Festivals There are countless religions
in the world.
How many do you know? World Major Religions Christianity Islam Judaism Hinduism Buddhism Diversity What do you think
cultural differences are? Each one of us come from a country where we share a culture- religion, language, celebration of festivals,clothing, food type,rhythms, smells,music, etc.

All those elements are a very important part of who we are! Try to guess the
estimated numbers of: Religions around the world: 4,200! Languages around the world: 6,000 or 7,000! Countries in the world: between 196- 206! Working in pairs, share with your partner
something about your cultural background that is
special to you. E.g. a typical food you like,
a famous festival, music, etc. 2 min activity Some people remain in their birth country for all their lives. Others may move to another country, or even to several countries throughout their lives. In internationals schools like ICS, there are lots of staff members and students who have moved to the UK from a different country.
As a class, can you count how many of you are originally from a different country? Wake up, World! A Day in the Life of Children Around the World by Beatrice Hollyer Allen Say’s story of his grandfather travelling from one country to another can resonate with anyone. It is perfect for immigrant children who may be able to relate, as well as teach native-born children what it might be like to come from somewhere else.” “Allen Say gives us a poignant account of a family's unique cross-cultural experience. He warmly conveys his own love for his two countries, and the strong and constant desire to be in both places at once.” http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Grandfather%27s+Journey+Video&view=detail&mid=2FB6F2584836BBBEDB8D2FB6F2584836BBBEDB8D&first=0&qpvt=Grandfather%27s+Journey+Video http://camsden.co.uk/stories/new-country We may travel by bus, plane, boat, train and cross miles of oceans and lands towards a new country.
But we also have to cross an ocean of new codes, barriers, language,ways of being... What festivals do you celebrate
with your family? And what about welcoming the new members to your class?

Do you think it is important to learn about your friend's culture? When people from different cultures spend time together, it can be very enriching and also challenging. As a class, can you think about... Challenges in becoming friends to a person from a different country? Reasons why it is is enriching getting
to know someone from a different cultural background. What the World Eats or What I Eat-Around the World in 80 Diets by Peter Manzel and Faith D'Alusio As a class, read this story and chose an end for it: Activities Or Food type Smells Clothing Festivals Rhythms Dance Music Life styles Beliefs
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