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EDD Ideas

No description

Austin Goodhue

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of EDD Ideas

EDD Ideas
Problem #3
Introducing the Ultimate Cutting Board. This new peice of equipment has everything you need when you cook. This masterpiece includes a cutting board with a slicer built into it that has different attachments that can grate cheese, slice vegetables to perfect length, and a bin underneath to collect all the products. This board also includes a disposal spot to discard unwanted food into a container that is easy to bring to the trash. This board will have a knife sharpener for all the dull knives that you are cooking with and a safety guard to guarantee your safety. Many other thing will be added to make cooking less time consuming and make your tools all be in a convenient place.

Always loosing your cooking utensils and having to buy new ones? This is a common problem with cooks all around. Also not having them handy is and having to find them all the time is also very time consuming and can cause what you are cooking to burn or overcook. When you do have the tools handy it causes your counters to become very messy and unorganized.
Problem #2
Have you ever bitten into a taco, and have all the food fall out the other end? Its a problem for me and many people around. This can cause a big mess and also fall onto your cloths staining them and making them unusable.
If we can come up with a small light weight device that has a straw on one end, a filter to remove the salt and impurities in the center, then a tube at the end where the water enters. This will fix the problem of drinking salt water and be useful for the U.S. forces that are in water. If an air force pilot goes down in the middle of the ocean, where is he going to get a drink? What happens if the a naval boat sinks or someone falls off? This is the perfect way to save lives and have as a safety precaution.
The Burrito Shell
To fix the problem of your food falling out, we design a shell that has one opening from one side and the other side is enclosed to ensure no seepage of food.
Spiced Beef
97.5% of the earths water is saltwater, and the other 2.5% of water is fresh, drinkable water. The problem....there is no portable way to desalinate the water. We have a device to purify fresh water from impurities but we have no way to take the salt from the water and make it good to drink.
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