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Thematic Reading Units

No description

Allia Sheikh

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of Thematic Reading Units

By: Allia Sheikh
Literacy Thematic Unit
Based on the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" series
Thematic Reading Units
By: Allia Sheikh
This book is the story of a boy, a mouse, and all of the things they do together. The story starts off telling about the boy giving the mouse a cookie, and the rest describes the chain of events that unfold because of that one action. It is a great story to talk about
cause and effect
as well as
Shared Reading
The students and the teacher will read the story together.
As we go through the story, we will stop to discuss the sequence of events that happen in the story. We will write them down on the board.
After Reading
Students will create a story circle with visuals and words describing the
sequence of events
that we talked about
(similar to this)
if you give a pig a pancake
This story is about a little girl and a pig. It describes the chain of events that happen after she gives the pig a pancake. Every time the little girl gives the pig what she wants, it causes the pig to want something else.
Close Reading
** Before reading, the teacher and the students will review what we learned about sequencing. We will talk about how sometimes, things can happen in sequence where one thing CAUSES the next to happen. The students will think of some examples from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.
The students will work with their literacy groups to read the text together.
As they read, they will answer questions about
causes and effects
in the story.
Students will record these causes and effects on sheets like the one below.
Then, each group will share some of the causes and effects they have found until we can see the sequence of events that happened in the story.
After Reading
If you give a moose a muffin
This story is about a boy and a moose and the sequence of events that they go through starting with the boy giving the moose a muffin. It is full of cause and effect, and is a great tool for teaching students about
cause and effect
Read Aloud
The teacher will read the story aloud and discuss with the students what similarities they notice between this story and the other two.
The teacher will discuss how each event in the sequence causes the next event to happen. These stories are called
circle stories
because the event at the end is the same one that the story started with.
After Reading
The students will write their own stories in the same style as the If you give a... series. (circle stories)
Students' stories will have to have at least five events in the sequence, and each one will have to cause the next to happen.
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