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jasmine omm

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of LONDON OLYMPICS 2012


DEPARTING 27 Jul 12 Sydney, Australia to London, United Kingdom
Flight : EK0413
Depart : Fri 27 Jul 12 21:10
Airport : Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD)
Duration : 14hr 30min
Stops : 0
Class : First
Aircraft : Airbus A380-800
Arrive : Sat 28 Jul 05:40
Airport: Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Flight : EK0001
Depart : Sat 28 Jul 12 07:45
Airport : Dubai International Airport (DXB)
Duration: 7hr 30min
Stops : 0
Class : First
Aircraft : Airbus A380-800
Arrive : Sat 28 Jul 09:15
Airport : London Heathrow ( LHR) FLIGHTS The Summer Olympics begins Friday, 27 July 2012, and ends Sunday,
12 August 2012 DAY 1: arriving
What a busy day! The plane flight was comfy and now we are just checking into our hotel and it's just the morning again. Get ready for some serious jet lag!
HOTEL PRICE:Deluxe Single Room for 18 nights
1 Available AUD $4395.99 (we're sharing a room to make it cheaper!) DAY 2: 28TH
Woken up to the London bustle, gorgeous cloudy
day. We have no events on and we're going to visit some tourist sites today... Look where Liv and I are staying!
VERY grand! THE LONDON GRAND PADDINGTON HOTEL day 3 London's National Gallery is a big space, filled with amazing European paintings from the 13th to the 19th centuries. In this art gallery you can find works by great artists.
We had a great time and saw some beautiful paintings . BIG BEN DAY:
Some facts from the pamphlet:
Each dial is 7 metres in diameter
The minute hands are 4.2 metres long and weigh about 100kg (including counterweights)
The numbers are approximately 60cm long
There are 312 pieces of glass in each clock dial Day 4: Shopping Trip!!!!!
We packed VERY light (for us!) and saved up our money to spend big!!! that's not even half of the stuff Its the 29th of July and Jaz and I are already going to the Olympics. We're going to see the women's 53kg weight lifting at 12:30 pm today. Shops we visited:
Oxford Street
Chelsea Markets
High Street
London Market
Oxford Street was the highlight with over 300 shops. I think we went in every into every shop and bought some goodies in all of them!!! 31st; Time for our next Olympic event:
TIME: 4:30PM
The girls did a great job and it was very entertaining but unfortunately did not get podium :( 29th Straight after weightlifting we had high-tea, then raced off to the womens diving at 3pm to see the synchronised 3m spring board final. It was great to see, the chinese won and Australia come 5th. Newcastle: The next event that Jasmine and I are going to see is on the 4th of August So Jaz and I are going to go up to Newcatsle for two nights to see my family and see where my dad grew up and what school he went to. This will be fun! 1st August: In the Car: Jaz and I hired this car to go to Newcastle. Newcastle is north of England so it took around six and a half hours in the car and we shared the drive. We stopped for a bite to eat. It cost $500 dollars to hire the car for 5 days which was very good . 2nd August

We arrived last night at 6:00pm. It was great to see my family and friends. Jaz had a great time meeting everyone.
The morning: It was a nice day so the family took us to my dad's old high school. It was great to see where dad grew up and we saw nona e nono (nan and pop's) old shop. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner, so Jaz and I just made some bangers and mash, it was amazing!!.

3rd August: In the morning we packed our bags and loaded the car and said our goodbyes and headed off for a great six hour drive. It was sad to say goodbye but we will see my other family in Italy. We got back home to London at 7:30pm and now we're in for a good night's sleep . 1st August 4th August

Today Jaz and I went to the Olympic Pool at 7:30 pm to see the 50 metre Womens Freestyle Swimming Final. It was a close one but the Aussie girls didn't get a medal. The winner was Ranomi Kromowidjojo from the Netherlands. It was so exciting to watch all the other athletes as well. 30th July 5th August
The day that we've been looking forward to the most: The 100m Mens Sprint Final!
All the talk about who was to be the fastest person in the world came to one race and Usain Bolt won again breaking his own record and becoming the first person in the race to claim gold at 2 Olympics in a row. Johan Blake came 2nd to his best friend and ANOTHER Jamacain came 3rd! What an exciting event, Jaz and I both thought it was definitely worth coming to London for. 5th August:
Tonight Jaz and I are going to go to the Hix restaurant for dinner. I hope it will be a great night out. After that we're ready to go to bed in our luxury hotel, ready for our buffet breakfast the next morning.
Sad to say that we have no more Olympic events anymore but next we will be travelling Europe! (after a few lazy days!) 6th - 10th August
For the next couple of days Liv and I will be studying profiles of 5 Olympians. STEVE HOOKER is a champion pole vaulter. He is an
Olympian with curly ginger hair and big muscles in his
arms to push over those 5+m giant bars with his pole.

A few quick facts about him:
Date of Birth: 16.07.1982
Age at 2012 Olympics:3o
Discipline: Pole Vault
Job: Athlete/student
Height: 187cm
Weight: 82kg
State: Vic
Coach: Alex Parnov
Scholarship: WAIS
Club: Box Hill Athletics Club
Place of Birth/residence: Melbourne, VIC / Perth, WA
Favourite Food: lamb
Peerage: Mother, Olympian long jumper go usain!!!! STEVE HOOKER THE NIGHT HE MADE HISTORY:
Steve Hooker created history at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, becoming the first Australian to win a gold medal in the pole vault and the first Australian field event athlete to win Olympic gold in 60 years.
In dramatic circumstances, Hooker twice cleared clutch jumps on his third attempt in the final, before clinching the gold medal with yet another third attempt clearance at 5.90m.
With the gold medal secured he went on to break the Olympic record, with another third and final attempt heart-stopper at 5.96m.

In February 2009 Steve recorded a new personal best height of 6.06m at the Boston Indoor Games.

In March 2010 he claimed the World Indoor title in Doha with a jump of 6.01m before claiming yet another National title in Perth on his home track. SALLY PEARSON Sally Pearson is an amazing Olympian hurdlist. You may have seen her in the London Olympics this year where she made us proud coming home with GOLD! in the 100m hurdles. Sally has trained hard every day for all her life since she was 13 years old.

Date of Birth: 19th September 1986
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 60kg
Age: 25
State: QLD
Coach: Sharon Hannan
Scholarship: QAS
Club: Gold Coast Victory
Place of Birth/Residence: Sydney, NSW / Gold Coast, QLD

St Agnes Primary School Port Macquarie (NSW, Australia)

St Joseph's Regional Port Macquarie (NSW, Australia), Mackillop Senior College (NSW, Australia)

Career Highlights
•Becoming World Champion in the 100m freestyle at the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai, China
•Winning the 100m freestyle at the 2011 National Championships
•Winning gold in the 4 x 100m freestyle relay at the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games JAMES MAGNUSSEN Super-fast facts
Age: 21
State: NSW
4 x 100m Freestyle
50m Freestyle
freestyle relay
Years on national team: 3

Coach: Brant Est (2010 current)
Michael Mullens (2002 - 2009)

Primary Training Base
Sydney, Australia

Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre
(NSW, Australia)

NSW Institute of Sport, Sydney WHAT WE PACKED:
We packed light so we could shop heavy!
* passport
* handbag
* money & credit cards
* airline tickets
* leather jacket
* toiletries
* 5 shoes/heels
* 20 Undies
* sunglasses
* 3 pair of jeans
* a ball gown
* 3 party dresses
* camera
* diary
* laptop
* phone
* ipod
* chargers
* socks
* headphones
* London Travel Guide
* books and magazines
* sketchbook and pencils
* bikinis and towel
* neck pillow (for plane)
* skirts, shorts & t-shirts Mitchell Watt
Long Jump
* Matt got 2nd in his
event in the London 2012
* He is 24 years old.
* His height is 184cm.
* His birthday is the 25/3/1988. Where were the last 5 Olympics held ?

1992 - Barcelona, Spain
1996 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2000 - Sydney, Australia
2004 - Athens, Greece
2008 - Beijing, China

This year: 2012 - London, England SHANE GOULD
Shane Gould is the 1972 Australian Olympic Swimming Champion.

While she was in the 1972 Olympics in Munich, West Germany, she won 5 individual medals: 3 gold, 1 silver & 1 bronze.

Shane was one of the youngest ever competitors when she competed at only 16 years old!
Shane is the only swimmer in history to hold all freestyle world records, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and the
200m Individual Medley at the same time. Wow!!! PERSONAL FACTS:
DOB: 23rd November 1956
Height: 172cm.
Married to: Milton Nelms
Residence: Bicheno, Tasmania
Children: Joel, Kim,Tom, Kristin
Interests:Reading, movies, gardening, pool and ocean swimming, photography, video production, surfing, golfing, body surfing.
Favourite food:Mediterrasian, steak, fish, soy flat white, broccoli, licorice
People admired:Edward de Bono, Peter Dombrovskis (photographer), Edward Casey (Getting back into Place), Australian outback women pioneers, Jess McNeill and Sean Gladwell video artists.
Favourite music:Cary Leewincamp, Chris Rea, Joni Mitchell.
After Shane Gould achieved great results at the 1972 Olympics, she decided to have an alternative lifestyle and went slightly hippie. But now she has turned into an Olympian swim coach and is changing the way people swim to make them faster. WHAT DO THE OLYMPIC RINGS REPRESENT?
According to most people , the rings were adopted by Baron Pierre de Coubertin (founder of the modern Olympic Movement) in 1913 after he saw a similar design on an artifact from ancient Greece. The five rings represent the five major continents of the world: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Antarctica. Every national flag in the world includes at least one of the five colours, which are blue, yellow, black, green, and red. It is important to emphasize that Pierre de Coubertin never said or wrote that the colours of the rings were linked with the different continents. Where were the first
5 Olympics held?

Athens, Greece 1896
Paris, France 1900
St. Louis, North
America 1904
London, U.K. 1908
Stockholm, Sweden

DETERMINATION: Determination is showing that you are 100% committed to your dream.

STRENGTH:An Olympian is strong in mind. It is the ability to stop listening to the negative thoughts.

HARD-WORKING: You need to focus on your tasks of training and fitness and never give up.

MOTIVATION: Controlling your mind is important so you can achieve what you need.

OPTIMISTIC & POSITIVE: Having the right attitude to your game also sets up controlling your mind under pressure.

STRESS TOLERANCE: Sometimes things get quite stressful because your body is put under so much stress preparing, training and racing. Being able to control that stress is important.

STRONG FOCUS: focussing on your goals and achievements is very important in the skill of motiviation. Being able to concentrate under pressure is having focus (We stopped at a bread market along the way, lucky for that Spanish Mr Moran taught us!)
"Hola, mi nombre es Jasmine, ¿cuál es su nombre?
'hola Jasmine, mi nombre es Abel
"Abel podría por favor, comprar un poco de pan de su puesto en el mercado?"
-Claro, ¿qué te gusta?
"algunos Flilipino por favor.
"Por supuesto, gracias por hacer compras aquí"
"Fue un placer.

"Hello, my name is Jasmine, what is your name?'
'hello Jasmine, my name is Abel
" Abel could I please buy some bread from your market stall?"
' sure, what would you like?'
'some Flilipino please.'
" of course, thankyou for shopping here'
' It was a pleasure.' NOW LIV AND I WILL BE FLYING OUT OF LONDON TO VISIT 3 COUNTRIES IN EUROPE!!! EXCITING!!! SPAIN 1. Liv and I decided to go to Spain because it sounds like one of the most interesting countries in Europe. Also Mr. Moran taught us the great skill of learning to speak Spanish! The beautiful sights we'd like to see in Spain are:

La Concha

Surrounded by steep cliffs and islands, La Concha in San Sebastian is one of the best beaches in Europe. You can surf, walk along the beach path and there's also great restaurants and you can see the beautiful views of the beach.

Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, and one of Spain’s most visited tourist attractions. It’s a design by Antoni Gaudí, a Catalan architect who worked on this project for almost 40 years until his death in 1926. The construction of the basilica began in 1882 and still as yet not finished. It's our second last stop before we go home :(
So Jaz and I are going to Italy. We are going to see some more of my family, Jaz hasn't been here before so we are off to Rome. My family's house is 45mins south of Rome so we drove my Nona's (Nan's) car to the train station, then went on the train to Rome. We had a lovely day in Rome visiting the famous Vatican ( the Pope wasn't in) and then we went back home where Jaz and I had a nice family dinner. Jaz had a lovely time meeting my family and we will be back soon. We spent only 3 days there and then we went to the Rome airport to get on our plane trip to Paris - the last stop! The other day Jaz and I where thinking if we were in the Olympics what would we want to do and why ? We would do 100m sprint because it's not very long so you could give it all you've got. If we tried our hardest we could win! maybe...
We will be making a diet for Usain Bolt for one week: 7am BREAKFAST

large bowl of cereal, such as porridge, muesli or Weetabix
half pint semi-skimmed milk plus chopped banana
1–2 thick slices wholegrain bread with olive oil or sunflower spread and honey or jam
glass of fruit juice
1 litre fruit smoothie

8am: training
1 litre sports drink during training

9.45am: post-training second breakfast
portion of scrambled eggs
portion of baked beans
1–2 rashers grilled lean bacon
portion of grilled mushrooms or tomatoes
2 thick slices wholegrain bread with olive oil spread
1 litre fruit smoothie

11am: training
1 litre sports drink during training
500ml low-fat milkshake after training

1pm: lunch

pasta with bolognese or chicken and mushroom sauce
mixed side salad
1 litre fruit smoothie

4pm: training

1 litre water or sports drink during training
5.30pm: post-training snack
large bowl of cereal with half pint semi-skimmed milk, or 4 slices toast with olive oil or sunflower spread and jam with large glass of semi-skimmed milk
500ml water

7.30pm: dinner

grilled meat or fish, such as salmon, tuna or chicken, or lean red meat
6-7 boiled new potatoes, large sweet potato or boiled rice
large portion of vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, corn or peas
1 bagel
1 low-fat yoghurt and 1 banana or other fruit
750ml water and smoothie

9.30pm: bedtime snack

low-fat hot chocolate with 1 cereal bar

10.30pm: bed ITALY Is it all worth it?
Each country spends millions of dollars getting the Olympians to this incredible level.
My view is that the athlete's sponsors should be paying for all their training, accommodation, equipment and airfares when they are at this high level. Which would mean that governments could spend all that money on basic equipment and facilities for all the little kids who might one day be the Olympians of the future,
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