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Social Presence Theory

No description

Jessica Nichols

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Social Presence Theory

Theory Social Presence Who developed the theory? The theory suggest.... How it works Example Example Critique International Journal of Educational Telecommunications Volume 2, Issue 2 Created by John Short, Ederyn Williams and Bruce Christie in that text-based messages deprive CMC users of the sense that other warm bodies are jointly involved in the interaction. The Social Presence Theory works by saying that text-only communication can never fully replace face-to-face communication. A friend enters the same room you are in. People who live through the virtual world "Second Life" feel they make real friendships with the people they meet online. The Social Presence Theory meets the criteria of The journal article is a study concerning how well online education provides a "community" feel 1976 To the extent that we no longer feel that anyone is there, our communication becomes more impersonal, individualistic and task-oriented. Face-to-face communication is key for forming a bond with another person. You receive a text message from them after they leave the room asking "what are you doing here???" Through text only, you have no idea what emotions they are feeling in regards to you being in the same location as you. (Social Presence Theory) But people can be whoever they want to be online. What kind of person are they in REAL life? You may never know... Describe Predict Explain Control The article concluded that the community feel relies on the "type" of communication that is created in order to be successful at creating a community feel. Journal of Interactive Advertising The Influence of Social Presence on Consumers' Perceptions of the Interactivity of Web Sites The study looked into how consumers were affected by other consumer reviews and comments concerning websites. The study resulted in showing that social presence on attitude cues affected how other consumers perceived the website.
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