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Fresh Direct Produce Ltd. Branding Strategy & Campaign

A design campaign representing the company for the target audience to enjoy, understand and remember.

Kristy Morris

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Fresh Direct Produce Ltd. Branding Strategy & Campaign

http://www.freshdirectproduce.com/produce/other-products/exotics Does the website showcase a true representation of "freshness?" What do you think? Our observations Visuals
Spatial Orientation
Current Logo
Featured Exotic Food Produce Current Website Evaluation Restaurant Managers Grocery Store Managers New website design Target Audiences Can you identify the main selling points used in the 3 campaign components? Speedy delivery & friendly service. Widest food product selection. What comes to mind when you think of fresh food? Freshness & quality of food. Who are we? Effective Design Solutions Ltd. Our Team:
Kristy Morris- Project Manager
Kristina Wyatt- Brand Analysis Manager
Kesing Sang- Brand Manager
Cameron Dieter-Brand Manager Branding Campaign for Fresh Direct Produce Ltd. Brochure Outside View Brochure Inside View Our Branding Campaign consists of following three components: Brochure Website Design Page Video Commercial Wide selection of fruit. Questions, Comments or Concerns? Best quality of food guaranteed, today, tomorrow and always. Thank you! References

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