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Copy of Band-Aid: Building on the Value of the Brand

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Sarah Jamal

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Band-Aid: Building on the Value of the Brand

SWOT: Threats
SWOT: Strengths (weakness is first so switch the slides)
Sesame Street
"I am stuck on Band-Aid brand 'cause Band-Aids stuck on me"
"Magic Vision"
Social Media: Facebook
Interactive contests
Children's activities
Product Strategy

constantly innovates its products
trusted brand
generic trademark
over 50 varieties of the bandage

ECON 344: Group 4
more expensive than its competitors
SWOT: Opportunities
Inventors of the bandage- first mover advantage
Global Presence - U.S, Canada, India, Brazil
Large market share
Distinct marketing techniques
High brand awareness
Innovative and extensive product offerings
Patented Technologies - Quiltvent etc.
Increasing availability of cheaper generic brand substitutes
Image slightly hurt by J&J's product recalls form 2008-2010
Lack marketing presence in social media
Only effective for superficial wounds
Increasing competition from Nexcare and other generic brands
Shrinking growth opportunities in the U.S
Low barriers to entry in the industry
Being in the medical field, mistake can cost them their reputation
Situational Analysis
BCG Matrix
(Put on
new slide- I dont know how)
Wound Care Company Shares by Value 2008-2012 in Canada
Strong Public Relations
Targeted users: 2-11 years old
Purchasers: mothers (25-45 years old)
Common household item, department stores, drug stores

Future Predictions
Band-Aid in India
something to cover a cut or scrape
an adhesive bandage that withstands the rigors of daily life
5 Product Lines
Basic care, Just for kids, Active lifestyles, Advanced protection, Durable protection
Band Aid 80 pack/6.99 = 11 per dollar
Private Label 170 pack /9.99 = 17 per dollar

Tax deductible in the US
Replicate their branding success in India
Monopoly power allows the brand to exploit pricing mechanism
Able to price skim on new products because of high degree of innovation
Feeding the cow
Healing the hurt
Internal reports
Nexcare by 3M
Chinese Intellectual Property

The Five Cs
SWOT: Weaknesses

Porter's Five Forces
SWOT: Threats
SWOT: Strengths
Political - Bandages are tax-deductible
Economic -
Social -
Technological -
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