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The traditional holiday of Yakut people

No description

Lyuba Zakharova

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of The traditional holiday of Yakut people

The Sakha Republic is located in the North-East of Siberia. This is the land of mountains, taiga (forest) and tundra. There are more than 700,000 rivers. The largest river in Yakutia is the Lena. It is 10-15 kilometres wide, 4,400 kilometres long, and 15-20 metres deep. It is the tenth-longest river in the world, and the second-largest in Russia after the Yenisei river. Yhyakh is the most popular traditional holiday of the Yakut people. Held on June of 22nd, the longest day of the year. The oldest man opens the ceremony. He is accompanied by seven virgin girls and nine virgin boys and starts the ritual by sprinkling milk on the ground, feeding the fire. He prays to the Ai-ii spirit “God” for the well-being of the people who depend on them and asks the spirit to bless all the people gathered. Afterwards, people sing and dance ohuokhai, play national games, eat national dishes, drink kymys. Ohuokhai is a national dance in which three forms of art: dancing, singing and poetry are combined together. The dancers dance in a circle, arm in arm, hand in hand and with the left foot put forward, making rhythmical graceful movements with their bodies, legs, feet and arms in the “sunrise” direction. The ohuokhai appeared a long time ago. References

Some photos are from the Yandex and some photos are from the Yakutia group of the vkontakte.ru.
Presentation made by Lyubov Zakharova It is the tenth-longest river in the world. Yakut national clothes is very comfortable, both for hot summer and cold winter. It is mainly made of natural materials: fur, shammy, skin, wool. Smart women’s dress with a jacket is embroidered with beads and decorated with ornaments. Silver decorations are part of Yakut holiday costumes.
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