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Reinventing IT at BP

Case Study (Pages 581-582)

Brittany Page

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Reinventing IT at BP

Performance & Accountability -Dana Deasy (CIO – Chief Information Officer), wanted to strip out budgets to from BP’s overall IT budget to make improvements
-BP’s overall budget of $3 billion; cut in half the more than 2,000 IT vendors it had overhaul BP’s ranks of 4,200 IT employees, rationalize and reduce the 8,500 applications in use at BP worldwide-Turn IT from a tactical services unit into a business-driven and intimately embedded strategic weapon.
Fill in the Gaps -A part of the gap occurring was fewer layers of management, smaller corporate staffs, and deeper talent across key functions
-"BP has undertaken a major and wide-ranging transformation of its IT Organization."
-"We just spent two very hard years rebuilding this organization, and one thing you learn in transforming an organization is that it's not a linear process; no sooner do you have contracts done, and they're effective, and they're delivering value, the control process starts over. Case Study Reinventing IT at BP What is BP's Aim? The wonders of technology.... Exploring New Ideas -Although BP at the time had some great people in IT and some cutting-edge systems for exploration, Dana Deasy (CIO), understood that he was going to have to drive enormous change in the following:
*These concepts would go across the entire IT organization in order to support and enhance the larger overhaul taking place.

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