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What Is A Lavaka?

No description

Nikolai Rogalinski

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of What Is A Lavaka?

What Is A Lavaka?
Malagasy word for "hole"
erosional feature
most common in Madagascar
many others found in: South Africa, Congo and South Carolina
they need to form in monsoonal climates
What Does It Look Like?
Basically like someone scooped a chunk out of a hill
How Does A Lavaka Form?
Formed by a erosional process called groundwater sapping
What Is Groundwater Sapping
geomorphic process
water exits a hill laterally
as seeps or springs
on the way down, erodes soil from the side of the hill
What Are They Made Out Of?
laterites overlapping saprolites
laterites: iron and aluminum rich types of soil
laterites form in hot, wet, tropical areas
saprolites: chemically weathered rock
formed in lower zones of soil profiles
A: soil
B: a laterite/regolith
C: a saprolite
Underneath: bedrock
Example Of A Lavaka
famous lavaka in Andriamihaja, Madagascar
Extra photos
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