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Harvard University

No description

Matthew Wolseley

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Harvard University

Academic and Athletic Programs
Location and On-campus Housing
Community Attractions
Extra-Curricular Activities
Entrance Requirements and Financial Aid
President: Drew Gilpin Faust
Office of the Provost: Dr. Alan Garber
Deans: Michael D. Smith, Xiao-Li Meng, Nitin Nohri, Donald Pfister, Huntington D. Lambert, R. Bruce Donoff, Mohsen Mostafavi, David N. Hempton, James E. Ryan, Cherry A. Murray, David T. Ellwood, Martha Minow, Jeffrey S. Flier, Julio Frenk, and Lizabeth Cohen
Museums, Parks, and Old Buildings
Academics: Science, Medical, Law, and Business

Athletics: Football, Basketball, and Baseball
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Climate: Humid Continental Climate

On-Campus Housing: Dorms
Theater, Sports, Academic, and Recreational
Entrance Requirements: $75 fee or a fee waiver, SAT or ACT with Writing, 2 SAT Subject Tests, School Report and high school transcript, Teacher Report (2), Mid-Year School Report, and Final School Report

Financial Aid: Scholarships, Outside Awards, Jobs, and Loans
Founded in 1636
Private School
Ivy League research university
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Harvard University
Harvard has a lot to offer.
By Matt Wolseley
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