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Rc cars rock!!!

No description

cole briden

on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of Rc cars rock!!!

The hobby of rc cars!!! Have you ever wanted to drive a monster truck well now you
can with rc you can get products from Rc boats,cars,monster,trucks
and even gas powered snowmobiles!!! Heres an example!!! Thats just one but there are lots more!!! The next video I am going to show you is
called bashing were you take you car and bash it wich means were you go and jump your cars at construction sites parks yards ETC!!! The next thing im going to show you is how a nitro rc motor works and
what it looks like!!! SO this is what POWERS THESE BEASTS!!! Cylinder head this is what cools and holds these motors together!!! they cool it by the fins on the head wich
when the air passes by the find it cools it!!! The combustion chamber this is where tiny explosions happen that push down the piston/cylinder
and rotates the crankcase which goes to your drive shaft which sends the power to the transmission
then sends it to the drive shafts which sends it to the ground. What makes the tiny explosions is the glow plug
it what it does is heat up and ingnites the fuel and pushes the pliston down!!! which once again goes to the
tranny and then goes to the driveshafts and them goes down to the ground!!! What are drive shafts drive shafts? They are these...................... The piston is what makes compresion this is what the tiny explosions are for the more commpresion the more power the motor makes usauly How do they rotate the car in the air they punch the throttle to bring the front end up or flip it around or you press the brake to make it do a front flip put these all together to
level out the truck!!!
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