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My Buchaechum Prezi Made By:Alex Fang, Fanny, Olivia and Jessica

Alex Fang

on 21 June 2015

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Transcript of Buchaechum

The Korean fan dance or the Buchaechum is a traditional Korean dance that is performed by a group of female dancers in hanboks with fans. In addition to that, they usually use traditional Korean music played with many traditional Korean musical instruments, which is perfectly matched with the beautiful dance moves.
What is Buchaechum
The Buchaechum is preformed mainly because of the entertainment. People enjoy the dance because of the beauty. They also are amazed from the fact that it takes lots of skill to perform the dance. They also perform it because it represents the shamanic beliefs that created the Buchaechum. The shaman part of it is the natural phenomena that they display while dancing which shows the audience their Korean culture.
Why did they perform?
When is it performed?
The Buchaechum is performed many times during special occasions, occasions such as the Korean national celebration, public concerts, or at tourist events. It is also performed just for pure entertainment like at school or just for fun at someones house. The dance is also performed during many Korean celebrations.

The Buchaechum dancers all wear identical costumes. The dress is called a dangui which is a coat with a long skirt and has a phoenix embroidered on the front and back. They also wear a head dress that is like a jokduri which is a gold traditional wedding headpiece. Lastly they carry pairs of fans that is peony coloured and has coloured fringes.
Costumes and props
The Buchaechum dance origins go back to the Joseon dynasty. This dynasty was around the period of year 1392 to 1897 lasting for about 5 centuries. That dance was formed from a combination of politics and religion. While the court designed the costuming and the movements but even though the movements were made by the court they also invoke natural phenomena. This is shown by the peony colored fans and the formations to try and replicate the blooming of trees, flowers and natural waves. The dance is also closely related to Korean shamans with their religious traditions and their spiritual beliefs. When you combine the two you create the Buchaechum. The person who developed the dance was Kim Beak-Bong in the Joseon dynasty around the 1900s and choreographed many times still being choreographed a lot now days.
Buchaechum origins
Made by: Alex Fang, Olivia, Fanny, Jessica and Abigail
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