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Copy of Argumentative Essay Prezi

No description

Jamison Renfro

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Argumentative Essay Prezi

Argumentative Essays
What are Argumentative Essays?
Elements of Argumentative Essays
Structure of Argumentative Essays
You try to convince others to agree with your facts, share your values, accept your arguments and conclusions, and adopt your way of thinking.
1. Title :
effective and original
may indicate what the essay is about
Choose your stance
Prepare relevant points
Know your opposition and their arguments for rebuttal
Use facts to make your writing professional
Use sophisticated vocabulary and varied sentence structures
Follow the structure
A number of views and opinions
Convincing and logical points
Appropriate language and tone for audience
Connectives - link points together
Evidence - statistics, quotes, etc.
2. Introduction :
describes the situation
defines the issue and the basic terms the essay will discuss
states the side chosen
3. Paragraphs :
each paragraph speaks about one argument
why is your claim a good one?
evidence to support the idea
ends with a strong claim
4. Counter-arguments:
quote what imaginary opponents might say
strongest rebuttal is put forward first
provide proof and facts
5. Conclusion:
summarises the arguments and restates the thesis statement
ends with a strong point to leave the reader to reconsider
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