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Proposal for Change

No description

Geraldine D'Silva

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Proposal for Change

Proposal for Change
The Perth Ibis Budget hotel is at close proximity to all the 4 airline terminals. At the outset, it was name Formulae 1 hotel, it has now been re- branded to its current name by the parent company the Accor group.
Drivers and Objectives

To maximise room occupancy for every night of the week, thereby increasing the revenue.
Capitalise on the fact that even though a Budget brand the Ibis has more to offer the guests than just accommodation, due to it being a part of a prestigious chain of Hotels.
Keeping abreast with the technological world with improved hardware and software for the organisation.


Improve staff involvement and training so as to increase efficiency.
Housekeeping and maintenance providers need effective and provide their services accurately and on time.
Make sure that the Ibis is the go -to hotel for every traveler (FIFO workers and stop over travelers).

Findings, so far
We have seen so far that:

Change in upper management and staff
Housekeeping is outsourced
Upgrading the various physical aspects like air conditioners, repainting, changing mattress protectors and improving general aesthetics.

Story and Interest bout the change management process
There are already major changes in place at the Ibis. The new General Manager has replaced most of the front office staff. This change is already a breath of fresh air to the the guest that frequent the place. However, we are only going to discuss about the long term changes that will impact the sustainability advantage of the business
Change !! How?
Collection of data about the crucial things that is necessary in order to maximise the existing potential.

Being employed at the organisation gives us the inside knowledge about the How, when, where and why?

Collecting and collating various data directly from the hotel as well as various websites (including the parent company ACCOR GROUP).

Interview the General Manager as well as the staff in order to get a more informed and in dept knowledge about the changes and its consequences.
Presented By:
David Dai 10005354
Galva Yadika 10063723
Geraldine D'Silva 10285995

How to achieve the Change?
By analyzing how much capital injected into the business
Gathering information directly from the source
Using internal information (with their permission) to analyze what major transformation need to achieved to prioritize all above changes.
Interview with the General Managers will also be conducted during our information research
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