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How does climate change cause more severe weather, contributing to crop damage/less food?

Climate change digital poster

Dog Lover

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of How does climate change cause more severe weather, contributing to crop damage/less food?

How Does Climate Change Cause More Severe Weather,
Contributing to Crop Damage/Less Food? Climate change is happening right now,
and there's no doubt about it. The greenhouse effect causes the earth to
get warmer. A whole lot warmer. Climate change also contributes to more severe weather. The main reason why climate change is happening is because of us, people, and what we do. Our actions and how we live our lives cause more of the greenhouse effect. Also, 62% of the continental US was in drought as of July, 2012. Why more precipitation? Hotter air More water evaporated from bodies of water More water in the clouds More precipitation! Why more droughts? Hotter temperatures Suck more moisture out of the air Less precipitation/ more droughts! Severe weather and droughts cause crops to be worse The amount of extreme floods and storms has gone up a lot in recent years. More severe weather contributes to crop damage/less food. As this year's drought worsened, crop quality decreased, and prices increased. Do your part in saving the planet!
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