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Tearing Off Your Labels

No description

Alicia Rippy

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Tearing Off Your Labels

Tearing Off Your Labels
Negative labels can hurt your future, but positive labels can help you achieve your goals and attain better opportunities. Ultimately, the label you wear depends on you: you can change your negative labels by changing your actions and showing others your strengths and positive traits.
Key Concept
Materials: 1 piece of letter-size paper per student

Follow Teacher Directions
Process the Activity
Why were all the papers different when everyone received the same instructions?
What positive character traits do you have that set you apart?
How do you let people see "the real me"?
Why is it important to put our energy
and effort into our strengths and goals?
What can you do to show the "real me" more often?
Discuss Labels
What is a label? Have you ever been given a negative label because of your actions? How about a positive label?
Why is it easy to give up when you have been labeled? Why is it easy to live up to a label? Are these labels ever an excuse for our behavior?
Reflection for the Week
Is my label giving me self-respect?

Is it creating more or less opportunity for me to reach my goals?
One of a Kind

Lesson Recap:
Be you.
Be proud.
Be one.

"I am Original"
Some words from a wise man...
National No-Name
Calling Week
was January 20 - 24...
Keep up the momentum and take the pledge every day to stop name calling and put downs!
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