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How To Write A Persuasive Essay

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Guadalupe Puentes

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of How To Write A Persuasive Essay

How To Write A Persuasive Essay!

What is a Persuasive Essay?
Body Paragraphs
Argument 1
Evidence 1
support your evidence
Evidence 2
support your evidence

Argument 2
Evidence 1
support your evidence
Evidence 2
support your evidence

Body Paragraph #1
It is an argument that is used to persuade your reader to accept your point of view
evidence that can be used: literature, current events, history, & personal experience (last resort)
Attention Grabber
Introduce Topic
Background Info
Thesis (most important)
& How to Write One.
What you need in an Essay
Concluding Paragraph
restate your thesis
encourage your reader to agree with your position
closing sentence should be strong ending
Analyzing the question
this step is actually very valuable when writing your essay
parapharse the quote
Read and reread the question atleast three times
paraphrase the question
Example (c)
Using plagiarism is not a good idea, yet most high school students decide to do this because it’s an easy and lazy way out of writing a decent essay. However when students plagiarize they are not learning anything by doing this; they are just hurting themselves because when it comes down to writing a timed essay in class they do not have access to the internet to search up information, examples or the original essay itself. Therefore plagiarism is never acceptable.
Body paragraph #2
conclusion example
Why is it then that we find more and more people accepting plagiarism? According to New York Times in a survey conducted between 2006 to 2010 by Donald L. McCabe at Rutgers University “40 percent out of 14,000 undergraduates admitted to copying” nearly half the population. What is more shocking is the number of people who believe that copying from the Web constitutes “serious cheating” is declining, from 34 percent to 29 percent. People in this new “Digital Age” generation lack the understanding to give credit when it is due. Born in a time where media has started to expand rapidly students in not only colleges but in high schools and middle schools too, have developed a mind set that since everybody is doing it I can do it too. According to Seattle Pi “Plagiarism limits the thought, research and critical thinking involved in developing an original paper or report.” What this implies is that students need to stop plagiarizing and start getting more creative. What Sarah Wilensky said from Plagiarism Blur for Students in the Digital Age “relaxing plagiarism standards ‘does not foster creativity, it fosters laziness’.”Teachers too have the blame in why students plagiarize, by not being prepared for college writing and it’s intellectual intense courses. Students in standard high schools seem to be laid back and not have a care in the world, causing a disruption in the near future. Frustrated and full of stress college are willing to risk it all and copy and paste and few word here and there just to get it out of the way.
No good will come to those who copy. Demolishing their education, ruining future lives, and abliterate their creativity is never a good price to pay. All that these foolish students are doing is jeopardizing their future and all the opportunities that come with it. Schools will not tolerate such conduct, those who are pitiful enough to steal another person’s work without giving credit where credit is due are buffoons. With no hesitation will any school think twice to expel you from school grounds and if your lucky suspend you for a few weeks at the most. Even so people don’t take this into consideration and try to sneak uncredited information. I’ll be one of the first to say that I have plagiarized before but it still doesn’t make it write to use someone elses work and put it under your name. This is a warning do not plagiarize! It will only have a terrible ending, the worst being the lack of education received out of it. Think about it if their was a doctor who cheated all his way through med-school and was about to operate on a loved one or yourself would you let him operate on you knowing that their is a high chance that he may not know what he is doing? His education had been compromised and has failed to fully understand the necessary information and skills required to perform surgery. Plagiarism will just end in destruction being any kind, it will not take pity on anyone. This also goes for any other employee or company that have committed the same flaw, not just students.
Don’t say that I didn’t warn you, plagiarizing will result only result in lack of education and legal repercussions. The ideology of plagiarizing has changed dramatically with the newer generations, especially the generations born into the social media. Do not let plagiarizing influence you but take charge and create a piece worth sharing and expand your education so that way nothing may stop you and you’ll be able to pursue your dreams. Imagine, create, and take flight.
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