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No description

Annelien Matheve

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Weerbericht

Het Weer Maandag 27 mei Met Annelien Matheve Traveling Tip:
Beautiful clear skies are above Bangkok with the right amount of wind makes it an amazing day to go to the beach. Dinsdag
28 mei Traveling Tip: Few clouds, warm temperature combined with the coolness of the wind makes it a great day to go for a picnic. Saturday,
12th January 2013,
Bangkok Thailand Hoogste: 10-11°c
Laagste: 8°C WIND Windrichting: Zuiden Windsnelheid; 3m/s PRESSURE Daytime: 1009-1011mb Night Time: 1012mb TEMPERATUUR NEERSLAG Hogste: 28°c
Laagste: 25°c WIND Windrichting: Zuid-Oost Windsnelheid: 3m/s PRESSURE Daytime: 1008-1010mb
Night Time: 1010-1012mb NEERSLAG TEMPERATURE High: 30°c
Low: 22°c WIND Wind Direction: South-East Wind Speed: 4mph PRESSURE Daytime: 1007-1012mb Night Time: 1008-1011mb CLOUD & HUMIDITY Cloud Cover: 4/8, 50%
Humidity Daytime: 35%-49% Night Time: 69%-93% Travelling Tip:

Go for a run! Some clouds block the sun which doesn't make it too hot and with the nice cool temperature, playing sports is the best way to relax and get healthier. Bedankt voor het kijken TEMPERATUUR Rainfall 0% of any types of rainfall Rainfall 12% Rain
0% Snow, Sleet, Hail Rainfall 4% Rain
0% Snow, Sleet Hail Johan Peeters
uit Gent
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