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The Battle of The Alamo

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lib hist

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of The Battle of The Alamo

The Battle of The Alamo
-General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and his army almost caught the people off guard with a surprise attack.
-The Texians and Trejanos prepared to defend the Alamo as a united front together.
-They lasted with defending against the army for 13 whole days
When It Happened
February 23rd, 1836 through March 6th, 1836
The Outcome
After General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna launched the assalt on the Alamo near present-day San Antonio, Texas, all of the Texian defenders were killed.
The Effects
-Results on 620,000 deaths which are directly connected to the Battle of the Alamo
-But if Washington annexes Texas and goes to war with Mexico it will be wrong and unfair and could lead to a future Civil War
Name: Nicole Webster

ompany: C.S.I
What Happened
Who Was Involved
The Texians and the Tejanos fought against General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and his army
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