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Compound Sentences

No description

Sunny Wang

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Compound Sentences

Compound Sentences
Correct Examples
Katniss was going into the Games, but she was a pragmatist and knew how to survive.
Katniss didn't want Peeta to die, so she went to the feast to retrieve his medicine.
Haymitch sent Katniss some burn medicine, for she was burned from the fireballs.
Prim's name was in the reaping only one time; she was still chosen.
Incorrect Examples
The capitol had a machination they forced kids to fight to the death.
Thresh killed Clove with a rock, for Rue.
Peeta was very weak when Katniss found him; so she took good care of him.
Foxface didn't know the berries were poisonous and she ate them,
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two independent clauses joined by a conjunction , commoa, or a semicolon
examples of some conjunctions are: for, and , nor, but, or , yet, so.
What is a compound sentence?
A Way to Remember
It's like a math equation.....

sentence + , + any one of the FANBOYS + sentence + . = a correct compound sentence
must always use comma when joining 2 or more sentences
semicolons can be used instead of a FANBOYS so do not use both.
Using Commas and Semicolons
in a Compound Sentence
Combing 3 Sentences
You can also combine three or more sentences instead of just two.

Ex: Peeta allied with the Careers, he got stabbed by Cato, and was found by Katniss.
Works Cited
Interactive Quiz
10 Questions
Multiple Choice
We will read it to you!
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