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Procedures in the Visual Arts classroom

My initial presentation for my students to know the rules, consequences and expectations within the classroom.

James Gorcesky

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Procedures in the Visual Arts classroom

Once you enter
Find your seat
Wait for me to call you for your iPad. Go to seat by carrying device with two hands. Always return iPad to right spot

There may be opportunities to use your own devices in class this year. Do NOT abuse it or misuse it.
You will be frequently expected to use technology safely, effectively and efficiently.
This means being responsible to post/maintain the work you create on your own blog in a portfolio
It also means taking EXTREME CARE of the Technology
Media Arts Rules
1. Make the best decisions possible if you want control of the consequences

2. Handle devices the way they are meant to be used

3. Only go on the App/Program that you are supposed to

4. Respect the space and feelings of others

5. Stay seated w/iPad. ONLY get up when going to desk or PLUGGING IN your device
How you can Earn Canteen Points:

Points are based on classroom totals from Classroom Dojo
You can help earn canteen points by Helping classmates next to you, staying persistent and on task
Students will lose points if they are not following directions, roaming around with the iPad or not using the technology correctly (off task)
7-1: 9:25
6-1 : 10:25
8-1 : 11:20
8-2: 12:05
7-2 : 1:40
1st Tardy: Warning 2nd: Parent Contact 3rd: P.D. & Parent Contact 4th: 1/2 day of ISS 5th: Full day of ISS
How you can lose canteen points:
Sitting on top of your desk with the iPad
Going to/from cart carrying the iPad w/ 1 hand
Still playing on your iPad after you were called up
Playing on the wrong app (off task)
Tardy to class
Know your login to check your points
Basic Technology Pointers:
Never delete,install or update apps w/o my permission.
Do not tamper w/ Ipad settings. GPS
Always post your work w/ title and reflection on Kidblog and/or Edmodo
Be responsible for your behavior by checking it on Class Dojo
ask 3 Before Me for Help
Homework/Practice, with a weight of X 20
Minor Assignments X 30
Major Assignments X 50
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