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How Texting Affects Everyday Language

How Texting Affects Everyday Language

Kira Saarinen

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of How Texting Affects Everyday Language

How Texting Affects Your Language As more students begin to use textspeak on their cellphones and computers educators worry that their writing skills are suffering. Is textspeak affecting the grammar of today's youth? Some examples of textspeak shortcuts:
u = you
r = are
lol = laugh out loud
omg = oh my god
gtg = got to go
cya = see you
ttyl = talk to you later
Some reports mention that students are not even aware that they use chatroom slang and text message shorts cuts This is due to the fact that since students are so used to using short cuts when sending someone a message or talking in a chatroom it starts becoming a habit. Most people should be able to notice when they use textspeak but after getting very used to it, some indivuduals do not. I believe that texting is somewhat a bad influence but that it's not such a big deal because people should be able to judge when it's appropriate and when it's not.
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