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My Business case

No description

Jessie r.f.l

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of My Business case

My Business case
Executive Summary
My business will be to open an exhibition of Portuguese food in central London or more specifically in Leicester Square. The stall will be open for 8 hours a day and 3 days a week being Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Goals to be powerful and achievable should be designed to be SMART.

= employ 2 members of staff/ make profit and advertise / encourage people to visit Portugal
= by checking the business finance every month/ see if there were more customers/ check tourism in Portugal.
= Employ a chef specialized in portuguese food/ experience as a waitress.
= the business is not over ambitious
= It will last for a year
Organizational Structure
Marketing and Sales
My target market - tourists and local people in Leicester Square

Distributing leaflets around the local area, tube stations and touristic sites. cost - 20p each leaflet = £360 per month
Internet: create Facebook page and a blog

In order to raise awareness, promote the various types of portuguese food and attract customers attention
To encourage people to visit Portugal and to provide a new culture, identity and flavor of Portuguese products.
Mission Statement
I am a sole trader
My duties will include:
managing the business finance
demonstrating and selling the portuguese food
handling cash
supervising my employees
assist customers in their needs

Salary: £8.96 per hour / £850 monthly
Human resources
I will employ two members of staff:
Skilled cooker
/ - £800 per month

person to distribute flyers
/ specific months- £500 monthly

Financial resources
Cash Flow
Estimate: Main Dish: £6.50 / Drinks: £1.50 / Desserts: £2.00 = Total: £10.00
Feasibility Study:
Risk Analysis
Traditional Portuguese dishes:
My business will start in April 2014 and last for a year. I'll be checking the business finance every month.
According to my cash flow i will start making profit in July, August and March.
To start the business i will have a loan of £15,000 from the bank.

I will be expending money on the expenses:
rental for the food exhibition
Utility bills
stock equipment
business insurance

My Unique Selling Point : Portuguese food
Competitor: Mama Zimbis African cuisines - £6 every dish - open 2 times a week for 6h.

Competitive advantage - Special promotions targeting mainly students.

Reasons for the promotion:
Attract new customers
Unique product
The loss of profit
not receive the amount of customers as expected
fire in the workplace

Ways to prevent these things from happening
maintain level of service high
be friendly at all times
look presentable
maintain workplace clean and tidy
attend customers needs and exceed expectations
remain with the promotions
Cozido à portuguesa
Bacalhau à gomes de sá
Arroz doce
Caldo verde
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