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Saint Catherine of Siena

La di da!

issabella leigh

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Saint Catherine of Siena

My Early Life My Dedication Some Snapshots!
Later on... My Death Name: My name is Caterina Benincasa which is my birth name, you may also know me as St. Catherine of Siena. When I was 17, I became a Dominican tertiary. A Dominican tertiary was a woman who entered the service of the Third Order, becoming something like a nun.We were put to live in an abbey and we lived centering our entire lives around Jesus Christ. I became a tertiary because I felt that God was leading me through the visions I had, I realized that this was what I was to do. Saint Catherine of Siena In a time, when travel was not very comfortable, I went around working for peace in Italy and the Church. I wrote hundreds of letters to important people and ordinary people alike. I wrote a book, called the Dialogue, a conversation between God the Father and a human being, talking about the whole of mankind's spiritual life. In the Spring of 1380, at the age of 33, I fell ill to a strange and excruciatingly painful illness. It was never discovered what caused my death, however I am so very glad to know that many have carried on my work even after my death. By Issabella Leigh Personality: As a small child, I was very imaginative and kind, as well as caring, gentle and easy to get along with.
My Visions: I had visions of the Lord almost frequently. At the age of seven I had a vision of Jesus and his Disciples. Jesus appeared to me and blessed me and then, even at my young age, I devoted herself to him and his plan for our Earth. My Family: I loved my family so much. I was the second youngest of 26, having only my twin sister younger than me. Unfortunately my twin sister died at birth leaving me the youngest of 25. My mother Lida, was devastated as she was a house wife, who lived for her children. My father, Giancomo di Benincasa was a dyer and we were reasonably well off. We lived in Siena, Tuscany, Italy in quite a large house. My Birthday: I was born on the 25th of March, 1347 in Italy. here are a few paintings of me, my life, my house and so on..... This is the abbey I lived at. In th
hav I was canonized in 1461 by Pope Pius II and my feast day is the 29th of April. I
th Fun Facts! In one of my visions Jesus Christ was holding a wedding ring out to me and I understood that I was meant to be dedicated to him. Here's a quote from one of the letter I wrote: "I turn me and lean against the most Holy Cross of Christ Crucified, and there I will fasten me." I would never eat much, and if I did I would throw it up shortly after. Today, I would have had anorexia and bulimia
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