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Eating Organic Food

No description

Amanda Mersereau

on 16 April 2011

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Transcript of Eating Organic Food

WHY ARE ORGANIC FOODS BETTER? WHAT IS ORGANIC? Legally it's food from plants and animals that are produced without the use of : The popular meaning of organic refers to all foods that are produced naturally. synthetitc fertilizers artificial pesticides synthetitc fertilizers herbicides synthetitc fertilizers antibiotics growth hormones growth hormones genetically modified organisms Go ORGANIC Natural doesn't always mean organic

Many grocers say natrual to describe foods that have been minimally processed or contain no preservatives.

Natural foods may include organic foods, but not all natural foods are organic. Foods that are 95% organically produced can qualify for the organic seal.

Foods that are at least 70% organic will not qualify for the seal, but are allowed to list the organic ingredients on the front of the package.

Foods that are below 70% organic cannot list their organic ingredients on the front of the package but are allowed to list them on the side. They taste better They prevent soil erosin You don't consume cancerous chemicals You save energy You support local farmers You protect farmer's health You keep our water and air pure Kids who eat organically eat less junk food THINGS TO NOTE: ORGANIC Helps cut down on atrazine use WHAT IS ATRAZINE? Atrazine is the largest selling product in the world. 76 million pounds per year are distributed, mainly in the Midwest. 85% of all corn has atrazine applied to it. Advertized as a crop protector and fertazlier used
to control weeds in crops. Atrazine is illegal for use by the entire Europen union,
but is sold to America. Atrazine is found to cause frogs to become
castrated, or gain both male and female parts. Atrazine also causes prostate and breast cancer. Eating organic food cuts down on the use
of Atarzine because organic farmers find alternative
weed control practices
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