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Wicca Religion (Neo Peganism)

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Justyce Hawk

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of Wicca Religion (Neo Peganism)

Wicca Religion (Neo Peaganism)
Again it's not entirely sure, but it is thought to have started in England, but after the publishing of "Witchcraft Today" Wicca spread to the united states and Canada.
It's not exactly clear like a lot of the origins of Wicca. But in the book published by Gardner he said in the early days they worshiped things like animals, fertility, the sun and moon, nature, and more siritual things.
Major Events in the Wicca religion
- Gardner writing his book was a huge step for the Wicca religion because it spread it amongst countries, bring legitimacy and attention to the religion.
- The first Wicca Church was created in 1968
- IN 1972 Wicca was recognized as a federal recognized religion.

Who created Wicca?
This is also somewhat unknown, but in 1954 a Wicca member named Gerald Gardner published several books about the Wicca religion and how he knew when it started. In his multiple publishing he elaborated on Wicca Faith, origin, and rituals. It was one of the first recognized books about Wicca.
Wicca use totemism in things like zodiacs and horoscope, they also worship the precious life of animals
Religious Text
There's not one set book that the religion goes by, but there are grimoirs (spell books) and many holy books.
Human Interaction with the Supernatural
- God's "reach out to them"
- They hold rituals or celebrations
- meditation
- work on creative projects
- honor the deities by an offering, prayer, or you put energy into something they would care about
Supernatural Beings
Wicca has many Gods and Goddesses, they follow mainly the Greek and Roman Pantheons but they also have Hindu and Egyptian Gods
When Did Wicca Start?
It is said to have started
before the record of
Apollo- Solar God
Great Spirit- supreme creator
Hades- god of the underworld
Hermes- messenger of the gods
Loki- shape shifter, trickster
Zeus- Sky/Father God
Athena- Goddess of intelligence, reason,
art, and literature
Wicca Grimoir
Beliefs of the World
- importance of the care of the environment
-need for equality between everyone
- respect for those who are more knowledgeable than you, but remember that they are not better than you
Rituals and Rites of Passage
- when a person comfirms interest in Wicca
- when a person symbolically dies and is reborn Wicca with a different name
Hand Fasting
- when you find a partner
Parting of Ways
- separation of partners
- when a baby is born, they are not forced to be Wicca
- ceremony for Wicca members who passaway.

The Great Rite- symbolizes the sexual union between the Gods and Goddesses, between a man and woman
Holy Days
Yule-Celebrate the winter solstice
May Day- celebrates the union of Mother Earth and God of Greenwood, it marks the beginning of a planting cycle
Litha- Celebrates summer solstice
- Equinoxes
Unique Religious Practices
Healing rituals: A group meets outdoors ans stands in a circle 9 feet in diameter, They have an alter with a candle and candles burning all around. They have their ritual and burn the candle. After that they make more space created which represents the healing of the group.
Symbols used in their Religion
The Pentacle
- it represents spirit being evoked
- channels magical energy, symbolizes wisdom
- represents the Great Goddess and female energy
Rules of Wicca
Current Situation
There are about 134,000 estimated Wicca in the world. It is not known exactly where they are because most of them keep their religion secret. It is thought that they live mostly in the US, UK, and Canada.
Current Struggles with being Wicca
The current struggle with being Wicca is that their religion is mostly looked down upon. A lot of people jump to conclusions and assume they are like stereotypical witches and that;s not true.They simply worship specific gods and keep peacefully to themselves.
You have to have personal discipline, and under no circumstances should you harm anyone, not even yourself. If you have to harm something you are required to use the plan with the least harm. You also have to be secretive about your practices. There are also good things though, you have to be close with nature and have a strong bond with your other Wicca members.
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