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The Enemy by Charlie Higson

No description

Victor Valdez

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of The Enemy by Charlie Higson

The Enemy
by Charlie Higson

Year The Book was published
The book was published in 2011
About The Author
The author's name is Charlie Higson. He lives in London , England. He is an acclaimed comedy writer , producer , and actor . He has written other books like - "Sliver Fin" , "Blood Fever" , "Double or Die" , "Hurricane Gold " and "By Royal Command" .
Page Numbers
The book has 437 pages of the story ,9 pages of randomness , and 1 I "accidentally" ripped one of.... The teach knows the story behind the "accident".
The genre of this book would be
Book Cover
The cover of this book relates to the story because as you can see , someone is running away and in the book the kids are constantly running away from the zombies/grown ups.
Memorable Quotes
"I love you , Mom ," he said quietly, and he died in Maxie's arms."- The Dead , Charlie Higson, P. 161.Another quote is - " Remember what I done for you here today," he shouted and passed out." -The Dead , Charlie Higson ,P.369. last one -"Oh yes we are ,"said John, and he grinned wider."It's the only way to decide it . A fight to the death . We've shook on it."-The Dead , Charlie Higson P. 344.
Basic Plot
The basic plot - introduction -is some kids that live in a
supermarket named Waitrose, tour around the city looking for food and fight zombies .the zombie disease only affects anyone 16 and older. rising action/conflict -A kid comes to the Waitrose hideout and says there is a safer place , which the kids don't believe him until he shows polaroid pictures . That's when the kids from, Waitrose decide to go , on the way there it's tough .. there is death , zombies , other crews , and fighting between each other
The setting in this book is basically in London.
Main characters
There are many main characters in this book , Mostly protagonists which is good. These are the protagonists - Arron , Maxie , Archilleus ,Blue , Small Sam, Ella , The Kid , the rest arent main , but they aren't in the story much. the antagonists are mainly the zombies and Dave and his crew , and John and his crew.
Main Idea
The Main idea of the book is to trust each other . There was no moral or theme.
Best Elements
The best elements of this book were the characters , they kept the book interesting. I also liked the descriptions the author gave , you could imagine what the author was describing. I liked the location where the book took place , because if the book didn't take place in London, then the book wouldn't make sense.
Favorite Part
I don't have a favorite part,I liked the book , that's it
I rate this book *****
stars , yes i would recommend this book to a friend who's looking for a good scary book.Other books I would read are THE DEAD , next book after this one and then THE FEAR,the book after that one.
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