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Hindu Temples

Chris Simms Ashley Udelhofen belle

seventh Hindu Temples

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Hindu Temples

Hindu Temples Why do Hindus go to Temples? Hindus go to temples to say thanks to God,
make requests to God, and to worship God. How are Indian temples designed? Big in design and size. The entrance will always point east. The carvings form myths. In the Garbhagriha room there is a shrine is devoted to a god The temples have a tower and a small room known as a Garbhagriha What is Puja Puja is the main ritual for Hindus How do the worshipers show respect to the God during puja? They must wash their hands, take off thier shoes, and wash thier feet before entering the temple By: Chris Simms, Ashley Udelhofen, and Belle
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