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Potassium Project Is Fun

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on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Potassium Project Is Fun

Potassium What is Potassium? -Micro nutrient/mineral
-Known by the symbol K on the periodic table. Its atomic number is 19.
-It’s a natural resource because it is found in lots of food and in the earth’s crust. What Does Potassium Do
To The Body? -Potassium helps all organs, body tissues, and cells to function the right way.
-Essential for all basic, everyday functions of the body.
-Helps balance the water in and outside of each cell.
-If you don’t get enough potassium you may get symptoms like fatigue and weakness in your muscles.
-helps prevent things like cramps, muscle disorders, stroke, anxiety and stress, and it also helps ensure proper muscle growth.
-More potassium means more sodium being released out of the body.
-High amounts of sodium are not healthy but, it is recommended that sodium and potassium are balanced.
-Athletes who work hard over long amounts of time may require more potassium a day to avoid hypertension, What Foods are Found
in Potassium? -White beans
-Baked potatoes(with skin)
-dried apricots
-chicken and other meats- Is Potassium a Super-hero?
Or a Super-Villain Potassium is a superhero because it helps you balance your sodium levels in your body. Not only that, but potassium helps all organs, body tissues, and cells to function the right way in your body. It also helps the water balance in and outside of each cell in the body.
Also, it is recommended that your potassium and sodium intake is balanced. Another reason it’s a super-hero is that it has many other health benefits. Potassium helps prevent problems like cramps, muscle disorders, stroke, anxiety, stress, and many other things! Potassium is also a good source to help ensure proper muscle growth. THE END!
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