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Modern World History

Overview of Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, World War One, Depression, and World War II

Greg Butz

on 5 June 2012

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Transcript of Modern World History

Toy Box Mr. B and Mr. Chris Present:
Modern World History Causes - Poor conditions in Europe
- Rise of dictators
- World Leaders gave into Mr. Potato head's demands (APPEASEMENT)
- Desire for more land & resources
- Racial purity & without religion Causes - European competition from
Imperialism gets extreme
- alliances become secretive
- like Slinky Dog, Europe's
alliances got tangled
(alliance network)
- Many new technologies &
nations want to try them
- Archduke Franz Ferdinand is killed (spark)
Causes - Europe is more technologically advanced
- They want to explore the world
- Because they need more resources
- Want to spread European ideas & religion
- Toy Story ex: Woody thinks he's superior...
and tries to boss the other toys around Causes - European competition & resources are available
- ideas & inventions are encouraged
- But as people went out to become
"successful", some became greedy
(Like Mr. Prospector" Industrial revolution - creation & spread of new technologies & ideas HOW: Inventions- Steam engine, Sewing machines, Trains, Light bulbs, Cars, Radio Effects Europe became #1
Some got wealthy
spread of ideas & tech Deffects Rest of the World didn't advance
drained resources
Abuses in workforce & child labor
lead to imperialism Reflect How will the world react to a superior Europe?
If Europe needs resources, where might they go? Symbolized by the "Train" =) Imperialism is expansion of influence through economics, politics, or the use of a military HOW? Europe built armies, & navies, and
conquered and controlled ports, and territories.

5 Motives: Prexi -- Political, Religious Economic, Exploratory, and Ideological Effects Europe spread their
power, ideas, & values
Europe gained resources
and people to control
95% of Africa was controlled by Europe Deffects trade was unfair and unbalanced
Europe took resources
Used conquered people to fight in their wars ... i.e. World War I. Reflect How might Independence movements in controlled land effect Europe?
Did other people want to become European?
How did they think about those Europeans? Imperialism "ivory" from elephant Effects war spread to 5 continents, 6 sent soldiers
post war, Europe lost control of their colonies
the loss of lives was huge Defects Cycle of Debt spread all over the world
War Guilt clause led to World War II
20 years later, the world was fighting again Reflect If the war didn't solve the reasons it began, how might this play out in Europe in the upcoming years?
Who is going to pay for the cost of fighting? Causes Debt from World War I spread all over the world
Unemployment was as high as 40% in some countries
It's hard for many countries to rebuild
Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep... and her job, and it's hard for her to support her family global depression that
affected the world No jobs, no money, little hope Effects the world is in debt
and trying to rebuild Deffects Rise of dictators in Euorope... they propose different ways to rebuild... through military expansion Reflect If your in a nation that has extreme poverty, would you be willing to listen to an extreme leader who promises hope? Global War! By trying to wear the other side down by using new weapons such as: Side Note:
Mr. Potato Head was not a nice guy who didn't like anyone who wasn't white. 2nd World War How? Targeted military forces and civilians. Major attrocities occured including genocide Effects Europe created the UN
Greater awareness against atrocities and crimes against humanity Deffects 50-70 million people died
horrible crimes done by Japanese and Germans
atomic bombs dropped
Holocaust & Rape of Nanking Reflect How can we prevent another global war from occuring
Should we stop dictators before they get too powerful? World War One modern soldiers "green army men" Great Depression represented by Corn Dolls World War Two represented by a B-17... these large planes dropped huge bombs The B-29 dropped the atomic bombs Europe became everyone's sheriff whether they wanted it or not. We hope you enjoyed it!
The End
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