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Adaptation Project

No description

cherubina debartolo

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Adaptation Project

Adaptation Project
Vocab, Vocab, Vocab!
Activity 1 – find examples of the vocabulary words as they appear in the poem and write the line under the term and its definition. Teacher will have master copy and be circulating around the classroom to ensure students are on track and answer any questions.
Content Area: ELA
Grade Level:
ELL students level:
Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven
Vocabulary cards
At the end of this lesson students will be able to:

1. Identify and define two of the vocabulary words with an example from the text.
2. Name the city and state where Edgar Allan Poe was born and one other interesting fact about him that is not his birth/death date.
3. Discuss how The Simpsons modernized The Raven to make it accessible to our generation by combining familiar characters with unfamiliar text.

Students can be given poem in advance and have a mini-conference with the teacher to address any questions or concerns
Common Core

1. Keep records in the form of a graphic organizer identifying those words they don’t understand throughout the poem.
2. Use the resources provided by the teacher in the form of the vocabulary cheat sheet and word search to identify words throughout the poem that they lack the comprehension of in order to uncover the deeper meaning within the poem.

So...what's the point?
Handout package for ELL's contains additional vocabulary cheat sheet, word search and graphic organizer, + dictionary
Adaptations –using pg. 3 of the handout package find the corresponding line number for the sentence where the vocabulary word is located. Students may use their vocabulary cheat sheet for additional support during this activity.
For EDU 659
By Cherubina De Bartolo

Activity 2
In pairs students will create vocabulary cards, once complete pairs will fold paper in half so only the example from the text and picture are visible, they will then move around the classroom show to at least 3 other pairs and see if they can guess the vocabulary word.
Multiple intelligences
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