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Active Reading Strategies

Sandrella Bush

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Get ACTIVE about READING!

A...Ask Questions! 1. Ask questions pertaining (related to) the text.
2. Question what you DON'T understand, vocabulary, the topic, type, the plot, and/or the main idea.
3. Ask Open End Questions: Questions that can have more than one answer. (Example: What could be the reason for cashless bundles?)
4. Ask Close End Questions: Questions that can have only "yes" or "no" answers. (Example: Did Kanye West write "My Way Home"?) If I'm Active, I am.... T-Track Down Information C-Creating Connections Three Ways to Make Connections in Reading:

1. Text to Self: connection between the text you read and your personal experiences
2. Text to Text: connection between the text you read and another text you have read in the past
3. Text to World: connection between the text you read and a world issue Reading to Understand How to READ Get ACTIVE about Reading! Important Not Important Write down 3 things that are important to understanding Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
Write down 3 unimportant things we don't need to know in order to understand his address.
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