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Alexander Novikov

on 3 April 2016

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The Dimensions of the court
The court widened, and each side is the shape of a trapezoid.
The original lawn court
The history
The 4 Grand Slams
Lawn Tennis was founded by Major Wingfield in the 19th century, then it changed to real tennis, in 1910, and the game has been moved into nature (outdoors)
Lawn Tennis
Royal tennis originated in Europe, went through some tough fights to keep it from vanishing, but you can't deny the inevitable. Royal Tennis only lasted for a good few centuries, then it became into Lawn Tennis a century after the French Revolution
The Royal Tennis History
The name has changed over the centuries.
Tennis is one of the oldest sports in history, dates back to the 5th century B.C, gone through changes.
The measurements of the court is in the photo in the next shape.
There are four Grand Slams (Majors) that take place each year, each in different time of the year, and place. The names of the Majors are Wimbledon (1877), US Open (1881), French Open (1891), and the Australian Open (1905).
Both King Louis the 4th and the Pope tried to ban it and was unsuccessful. Tennis vanished from Europe during the French Revolution, few years later, the Europeans began a revival of the sport and it became more popular then ever.
The first name was jeu de paume (game of the palm), (5th century B.C - 13th century).
The Second Name was Royal Tennis (13th century - late 19th century) Henry the 8th changed that name, however the game was still called jeu de paume
The Third name was Lawn Tennis late 19th century - early 20th century, the name was changed by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield.
The fourth name was Real Tennis (early 20th century - mid 20th century), the French changed the name to Real Tennis.
The fourth and last name is Tennis (mid 20th century - present) Karl Bahr changed that name (US Open founder).
survivals a
nd deaths.
The sport was being played indoors. The courts were long and narrow, didn't get to use equipement like the gloves, wooden bat/and racket, the modern racket (aluminum), the balls were best described as steel balls (present is rubber), 5 in. radius, (present is 2.5 in. radius).
The term "love" in tennis
Many historians believe that the term love is from "Egg" because it has an oval shape. The French term for egg is L'eouf (love). Love equals zero points scored. Love all means the start of a set.
The history of the term tennis.
Many historians believe that tennis came from the French town Tenez, or the Egyptian Town Tinnis (next to the Nile River).
The founding fathers of tennis
The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all played games that are the precursors of the sport. This sport was first called jeu de paume (game of the palm)
Wimbledon was the first Major to be played and was founded in 1877, and the surface that it is played on is grass, and it used to be played on clay, this major takes place in late June - early July, and is the 3rd major to be played during the year.
US Open
The US Open was first played in 1881, the location has changed many times, the locations were in RI, PA, and in NY (present location Queens, NY). The surface has changed from clay to hard (pavement), this major is played in late August - early September, fourth and final major to be played during the year.
French Open
The French Open was first played in 1891, is played on clay courts and still is today, the location is Paris. This major is played in late May - early June,and is the 2nd major to be played during the year.
Australian Open
The Australian Open was first played in 1905, and is played at Melbourne, Australia. It is the first major to be played during the year, it is played in the last half of January, and the location has remained the same, and is played on hard court, however the color is blue, and US Open is green.
Tennis in the Olympics
Tennis was first played in the Olympics in the year 1896, in Athens, Greece (first Olympic event).
Lawn Tennis is a grass court. The dimensions of the court and the names are the same as the modern day courts.
Real Tennis
Real Tennis is also called tennis. The handles were long, they were made out of wood. The measurements of the head is 7X5in, (1/2 the size of the modern day racket).
Tennis (present)
The Greatest Match Ever Played aka the Nadal-Federer match. This was the final men's match at Wimbledon (2008). Rafael Nadal (Rafa) prevailed over Roger Federer, 6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7. This match lasted close to 3 hours (including a 30 minute delay). The old steel ball wasn't being used anymore, now introduced the rubber ball, 2.5 inch radius, the racket sizes: the head is 13X10in, and the handle is 8X1.75in. Since tennis has become more and more popular, there are very popular tennis professionals. Such as, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick, The Williams sisters (Venus and Serena), and Rafael Nadal.
Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal (Rafa) is Spaniard player, born in 1986, has a girlfriend named Maria Perello. Rafa is the most dominant clay court players. He won his first Major in 2005, the type of racket he uses is Babolat, and he is a lefty
Maria Sharapova
Sharapova is a Russian player, she was born in the year 1987, she is currently single now, she won her first Major in 2004 (Wimbledon), she currently uses a Head racket, and is a right handed player.
Novak Djokovic
Djokovic is a Serbian player, was born in 1987, he currently has a girlfriend named Jelena Ristic, won his first Major in 2008 (Australian Open), he just became the number 1 player after defeating Roger Federer in the ATPs (Association of Tennis Professionals), it happens all year round, Djokovic is a right handed player, he uses a Head racket.
Andy Roddick
Andy Roddick is a retired American, retired after 2012 US Open, unfortunately he lost his last US Open. He is currently married to Brooklyn Decker, doesn't have any kids, he uses a Babolat racket, and is a right handed player, and he won his first Major in the 2003 US Open.
Roger Federer
Roger Federer is a Swiss player, born in 1981, he is currently married to Mirka Federer, and has two twin daughters named Myla Rose, and Charlene Riva. Federer is currently #2 in the world, he won his first major in the 2003 Wimbledon tournament. He currently uses a Wilson racket, and he is a right handed player.
Venus Williams
Venus Willams is an American player, born in 1980, she has a boyfriend named Elio Pis, she won her first major in 1998 at the Australian Open (mixed doubles), she uses a Wilson racket, and is a right handed player.
Serena Willams
Serena Williams (Venus Williams younger sister) is an American player, born in 1981, she has a boyfriend named Patrick Mouratoglou, won her first major in 1998 French Open, she uses a Wilson racket, and is a right handed player.
Scoring history
The scoring may date back to the Medieval times in France. The reason why the scoring was 15, 30, 45 (present time 40), 60 (game) is because it mirrors the quarter hours of a clock. One full revolution=1 game. Deuce=40 all: win next two points in a row.
No Man's Land
Service Line
Service Box
The History of Tennis: Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, and Australian Open. Author: Montez Cain.
Strokes of Genius: Federer, Nadal, and the Greatest Match Ever Played. Author: L. Jon Wertheim
New Idea
Now you know all about the history of tennis. Now, go hit the ball on the court and have fun! Watch the video in the next part; it is FUNNY!
After the video
The Ancient Egyptians created the game of tennis, lack of equipment, how old the sport is, tennis vanishing, widens parameters, and the Majors. The professional athlete's life, tennis is one of the oldest sports in the world (5th century B.C-present), developed over a millennium, and producing in the modern era.
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