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Copy of STAAR Breakdown

This prezi explains the STAAR reading and writing scoring breakdown.

Sally Bratton

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of STAAR Breakdown

And Finally...
Reading and Writing

Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr
Revising multiple choice
Editing multiple choice

Essays -- two different topics, same mode
Three short answer questions (18 total points)
(one is a field test item)
28 multiple choice questions (one point each)
(plus a few extra MC that are field test items)
Each short answer
9 points each
(weighted/multiplied by 3)
So... your two short answer questions are worth a TOTAL of 18 points.
, the reading test is...
short answer, 18 points (20% of total score)
multiple choice, 28 points (30% of total score)
Think about it... Short
Answer ?'s need to be
taken seriously.
read the short answer question BEFORE you read the passage!
Read critically; look for possible answers & mark the text!
PLAN your response
Write your response IN the packet
double check that you have answered the question
double check that your quotes prove your answer!
Write your response in the CORRECT box.
After you revise & edit your response, write it neatly IN the box.
Short Answer scored on a
scale of 0 - 3.
24% revising & edit MC
26% essay
30% reading MC
20% two short answers
Bad news: you will have to write 2 essays -- one is a field test and will not count.
Don't Stress!
You've got this!
carefully read the prompt!
plan your essay using SLACH & outline your ideas.
WRITE A ROUGH DRAFT in the booklet
REVISE your draft -- eliminate repetition, make each word count!
EDIT your draft --
use a dictionary for spelling
use a thesaurus for better diction
check capitalization & punctuation
WRITE your final draft neatly on the lined paper -- no doubling up and make it fit!
just show 'em what you know. :)
Short Answer scoring basics...
0 - you did not answer the ?
1 - you answered the ? correctly but... no quote (or a bad quote)
2 - you answered the ? AND gave a quote that supported your answer
3 - same as 2, but multiple quotes AND you were insightful!
No stress -- there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
And sadly, none of us know which one does not count. SO... treat them all like they do!
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