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Food Truck

No description

Keenan Woey

on 19 March 2017

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Transcript of Food Truck

Food Truck
Business Plan
To be known globally by enriching people's lives with continuous innovation and an exclusive lifestyle through first class service and food to maximize customers experience.
Business Summary
Direction of food truck
Franchise Globally
Compete with prestige fast food chain.

The first fast food chain on wheels in South East Asia.

Selling convenience with affordable food pricing using the food truck.

Selling added value such as good service & customer relationship.
Strategic & Focus Plan
Hooppler's philosophy is to create a
that is
to our customers.

healthy and unique recipes
to cater mainly to the office individuals and also students.

Our corporate strategy that influence the marketing plan include
(1) the mission, (2) goals, (3) core competence & sustainable quality
that will give us the advantage over our competitor’s.
To be recognized globally by becoming the largest fast food franchise chain on wheels in Asia by year 2025.
Further expand into new markets in Malaysia (neighboring states) by second year of operations and neighboring countries by forth year of business operation.
Developing new innovations in term of food and technology to serve our customers with an unforgettable experience.
Create a culture with good core values that will positively impact first our staff, our customers and the world.
Franchise our brand while maintaining quality in food.
To be a sustainable & profitable business.
Work on future projects that are related to this food truck business.

Non-Financial Goals
Financial Goal's
To obtain sales growth of 25 % in the next 4 years.
To obtain a (ROE) Return of Equity of 8 % every year.
To obtain a Breakeven of Investment in one and a half years.
To allocate 3 % in R&D expenditure and marketing anually.

I. External Factor Control
Cost innovation: Setting quantitative targets and reducing production costs.
Will work closely with key suppliers and distributors to build the relationships and strategic alliances to satisfy the needs and wants of customers’ satisfaction.
Emphasize on values which are: -
a) Customers
b) Employees
c) Shareholders

Core Competency & Sustainable Advantage
II. Internal Factor Control
Competitive pricing
Unforgettable service experience for our customers
Delivering high quality fast food
Easy and Fast service
New F&B innovation

Local Market Research
Target Market :-
College Student
Young Working Adults
High School-ers
Our focus will be;
Design of the truck
Special Menu
Price of food
Food truck owners have yet to establish a good concept in South East Asia.
Our strong connections with famous food bloggers/bloggers.
The direction of our food truck business.
Different concept.
Great team of people with high values and expectation.
Low Start Up Cost

Not the pioneers in this industry.
Fluctuation flow of crowd may cause inconsistency.
Having a central kitchen might increase overhead cost slightly.

No alternative to our product.
Our strategy to brand our food truck
First mobile fast food chain in Asia.
Most of the population in South East Asia is yet to experience a food truck.
Able to expand to neighboring countries with our concept.
With our fully equipped kitchen equipments we can serve almost any type of cuisine.
New market that meanwhile has limited competitors.

Competitor's that already have a fan base.
Lower income bracket.

Marketing Plan
Target Customers
Students & young working adults

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Fresh and unique
Versatile Menu & availability

Pricing & Positioning strategy
Based on the survey on our competitor pricing and our customers preferences ;

How will our Customer buy our Product?
Mainly, from our food truck itself.
We will not move into brick and mortar, as it is not what we strive for in being a mobile fast food chain.
However, in the future, we may move into getting smaller vehicles to travel to smaller towns and offer deliveries.

Our Offers
We are able to offer free food tasting of our food initially and different variety of food sets.
Seasonal discounts.
Loyalty Program.

We would focus more on inexpensive marketing, which utilizes the social media.

Websites and Email
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
Food Bloggers
Smartphone Application (Future)
Business Cards/Brochure (Optional)
Advertising company
Marketing Material
There are a few strategies that we have come out with;

Online Advertising-Mainly utilizing the social media and websites to increase exposure.
Event Advertising –Approach event organizer (Marathon/concerts) to allow the FT to be there.
Collaboration with other organizations. (Soup Kitchen)

Promotions Strategy

Facebook -
Increase exposure and to establish a big fan base

Instagram/Twitter -
Picture and location updates

Foursquare -
Comment/review on our food

Website -
for customer to access our menu, locations and testimonials \

Email -
For any inquiries regarding on our product/Franchise Opportunity

Search Engines -
Constant update on our website will show our website more frequent in the search engines (Google, Yahoo.etc)

Online Marketing Strategy
If every one of our customers referred one new customer, our customer base would constantly grow.

So how do we achieve that? We do so by collaborating with the Food bloggers and having close relationship with our existing customers.

Food Bloggers will write review on our product, which serves as testimonials, which are more convincing.

By training our staffs with professional hospitality standards, we would gain customers satisfaction and leads to referrals

Referral Strategy
Strategy for increasing Transaction prices

How do we get customers to buy more from us?
Other than offering packages, we will have to train our staff to approach the customers accordingly to their needs.

For example, McDonald had doubled their sales by just asking their staff to ask the customer ‘Do you want fries with that?’ and this is what we would like to achieve.

Retention strategy

We will not spend too much time and energy trying to secure new customers versus investing in getting existing customers to buy more often.

By using retention strategies such as a monthly newsletter or customer loyalty program, we can increase revenues and profits by getting customers to purchase from you more frequently over time.

Cost of Marketing Materials
Food Menu
Tender, moist and succulent meatballs with fluffy mashed potatoes drowned in special homemade sweet onion gravy/marina sauce. This meal is completed with a side scoop of cranberry jam

Rm9 (SET) - 8 meatball, mashed potato & beverage of the day

Rm7 (Ala Carte) -8 meatball
ying yang burger
Burger patties made from scratch using the freshest and highest quality meat topped with crunchy lettuce, fresh tomatoes and paired with a tantalizing sauce. Customers may choose 3 types of burgers from the menu and how they want their french fries.

RM 9 (SET)

Burger + beverage of the day + (French fries selection: wedges, shoelace or crisscut).

RM6 (Ala Carte) - Burger

A healthier and more hearty alternative to the overrated tacos sold worldwide, pitta wholemeal bread can be oven baked as a pocket sized pizza
(2 varieties) or sold as a sandwich packed with meat fillings à la mexican

+ Beverage of the day

Super-sized juicy meatballs with cheese and marina sauce toppings in between warm toasted buns for a quick bite.

RM6 (Ala Carte) - 2 meatball sliders

This cheesy crisscut fries is fried to a very unique taste with our very own special sauce.
Distribution Plan
College students
young working adult
Street Sales
Good service
Affordable price
Good food
Truck sales
Management Team
Soup Kitchen
E-Plus Events
Kuboid Global
Venice Min
Food truck
Operation cost
Workers salary
Marketing cost
Seasonal Discount
Free Trials
Food Truck Sales
RM500 - RM800
Monthly Income
Why do we have the advantage?
42% of target customers have yet to experience a food truck.
58% of target customers are aware of food truck.
How people know about food truck's?
Friends & family
Happen to see one
How are we different?
What is a food truck to you?
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