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My Life through the Years

My Senior Project Presentation

Laura Dukes

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of My Life through the Years

My Life through the Years By Laura Dukes Who am I? Where am I going? How will I get there? Where am I from? Thank you How have I prepared for my next step? Oregonian, not-so-pleasant parts Feuding, yet happy families Dukes Lazy Irresponsible incredibly broken Daddy Contractor
Many jobs, many lost
Best source of entertainment
Loved bonsai and other plants

WAS a car salesman not long ago

Still searching for a job.

Also loves me very much Dodgion Very family oriented
BIG Momma Manager
hard working one-woman show
horse lover Loves me very much Joshua Jenni Sophia Kind, hard working big brother Protective Nobody messes with him Helpful and reliable Having another baby Great to pal around with My little monster niece Calls me "Lala" My community experience? Thank you... am an Artist... Art Institute of Portland Animator MLK Tree Planting Ceremony ...maybe one day... CalArts I'm already half way there... Starting in July...
Getting to ride the MAX and bus...
FAFSA turned in...
Have my schedule...
Gonna have a blast... Taking Graphic Design and Art Doing great Commissions for people Lots of practice (SUPER recent...) My Best Friend
Danika Friends since sixth grade Grown together Shared stories, ideas, characters and memories Writing stories together, creating so many characters (BRB, too busy crying to draw right...) Characters have grown up so well... Ms. Lash
Mrs. Rebeccah
Ms. Sidran
Ms. Johnson
Ms. McGowan
Every other teacher
Mom, Dad, and Bro
Nika and all of our characters
Nerd Herd
4th and 5th period Graphic Design students
All of you listeners
This guy
Anyone else I didn't mention
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