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bruno mateus

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of flag


The currency difference is very small.
Capital City

The capital and Cardiff and the two largest cities are Swansea and Newport

In Cardiff, the weather is warm and temperate. In Cardiff there is a significant rainfall throughout the year.
Even the driest month still has a lot of rainfall.
10.3 ° C is the average temperature in Cardiff.
How far is it from portugal

Lisbon and Cardiff are 1494
kilometers away from each other.
How much will i pay
Plane tickets------------------517,56€
8 days at the hotel------------601€
Car hire 8 days---------------191,32€
Feed margin-----------------150€
Places to visit there
-folly farm adventure park and zoo
-big pit national coal museum
-rhossili bay
-st fagans museu nacional de historia

For these images we can see that we have a very cozy hotel a good landscape on the river and also with other perks such as wi-fi and fishing inland
Plane tickets

This is not a known conglomeration but has
been a positive choice for consumers

Here we can
check the costs of the
belhete schedules
and their details

Rental car
In the use of the car in the 8 days is costing 191,32€
Feed margin

For a greater leisure post also a margin
of 150 € for food and other type of expenses

This bar restaurant is a very
beautiful and very good place to hang out
Madeira Restaurante

This restaurant is very varied
based on espetadas, but for being a
Portuguese restauratee I think it
deserves an opportunity
New York Diner

Here we have a restaurant
that has a lot of the typical American burger
Folly farm adventure park and zoo

And a very funny and interactive place for
both children and adults.
big pit national coal museum
This is an old mine that is not in operation and that this is for everyone to see
Rhossili bay

Here we have a beautiful place
by the sea to enjoy the landscape
St fagans museu nacional de historia

In this place we can learn and
appreciate a little more of history in ancient times
Location (map)
1 EUR=0,857663 GBP

The country of Wales and situated on a peninsula of the Brittany borders the English east to the north and west. Locality in relation to europe and northwest.
Great part of the country and mostly hilly northern wales and mid wales

29 Park place
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